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What is the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle

For a rectangle,

P = 2L + 2W (L is length, W is width)

How do you find the equation of a graph

You find the equation of a graph by finding an equation with a graph.

An electrician charges 50 to come to your house He also chrges 25 for each our he spends at your house The alectrician chrges you a total of 125 How many hours did he spend at your house

150=25x+50, solving 150-50=25x 100=25x 100/25=x x=4 hours

Jack cut a piece of wood that was 8 feet long into two pieces one piece is three times as long as the other how long in the shorter piece of wood

Let x be the length measure of the shortest piece of wood, and 3x the length measure of the other piece of wood. So we have:

x + 3x = 8

4x = 8 divide by 4 to both sides;

x = 2

The length measure of the shortest piece of wood is 2.

Three times a number decreased by fourteen is four


Rewrite the formula to solve for c


2a - 8 10 or 8a 4 68

all real numbers :)

Mimi had 174 to buy tickets to a concert The adult tickets cost 10.50 and the student tickets cost 7.50 She bought 4 more student tickets than adult tickets How many student tickets did she buy

12 student tickets

What formula expresses newton's second law of motion

The formula of Newton's second law is F=ma, for force( F) equals the mass (m) times the acceleration (a).

What is the length of the rectangle if the area is 132 square feet and the width is 11 feet

12 feet

A ship is traveling at an average velocity of 28 miles per hour How far will the ship travel in two days


Darren can get to work in 30 minutes The speed limit is 35 mph but there are three stop lights With the traffic and lights he can average 30 mph How far is he from work

(30 mph) x (1/2 h) = 15 miles

What is the width of the rectangle if the area is 132 square feet and the length is 12 feet

11 feet

A conveyor belt carries filled bottles of milk to be packed The bottles are placed five feet apart on the belt If the belt is moving at a rate of two feet per second how many bottles will be packed

24 bottles

A plane flew nonstop from Dallas to Las Vegas The distance was 1350 miles and the plane averaged 300 miles per hour How long was the plane in the air

4.5 hours

7x-4x plus 2x plus 5 equals 2x plus 14





What is the range of 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2

1 1/2

Thirty-two decreased by twice a number is less than eighteen

It's seven

88 plus x equals 3 times x plus 22 solve for variable





Find the slope of the line that passes through the points 0 0 and 2 4


3a plus 5 equals 5a plus 3

If 3a+5=5a+3, then:

3a+5 - 3a = 5a+3 - 3a


5 - 3=2a+3 - 3



What are coordinates used on

Maps, and Graph Paper.

Does the graph of this line y-3x-5 have a negative slope or a positive slop


How long will it a train to travel 200 miles at the rate of 80 miles at the rate 80 miles per hour

two and a half hours, 200/80 = 2.5

Ordered pairs would be found in quadrant III of the coordinate plane

(-8, -8)

How do you get the answer 7 using only numbers -4-3-2-1

[(-4) + (-3)]*[(-2 - (-1)] = (-4 -3)*(-2 + 1) = -7*-1 = +7

[(-4) + (-3)]*[(-2 - (-1)] = (-4 -3)*(-2 + 1) = -7*-1 = +7

[(-4) + (-3)]*[(-2 - (-1)] = (-4 -3)*(-2 + 1) = -7*-1 = +7

[(-4) + (-3)]*[(-2 - (-1)] = (-4 -3)*(-2 + 1) = -7*-1 = +7

Does y12x 1 have a negative or positive slope

If you mean: y = 12x+1 then it has a positive slope of 12 and a y intercept of 1

What is this equation in standard form. y -4x - 1

If you mean: y = -4x-1 then it is 4x+y+1 = 0 in standard form

When the absolute value of the slope gets smaller the graph of a line gets what

When the slope of a line reaches zero it then will be parallel to the x or y axes depending if its a positive or a negative slope.

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