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How many pints are in a gallon

There are 8 pints in one US gallon. (2 pints to a quart, 4 quarts to a gallon)

Note: US gallons and UK gallons are not the same, as with pints. For safest conversion we can go via Litres as its a fixed international standard.

US gallon = 3.79 Litres

UK gallon = 4.5 Litres

US pint = 473 mL

UK pint = 568 mL

Therefore there are roughly 8 pints in a gallon if you are using the same country's standards. But the UK (Imperial) Gallon is larger than the US Gallon, and there would only be 6.7 Imperial pints to a US gallon.
8 pints

How many quarts are in a gallon
  • Gallons to quarts:
1 US gallon = 4 US quarts

1 US quart = 0.25 US gallons

  • Gallons to liters:
1 US gallon is equivalent to 3.785 L.

1 Imperial British gallon is equivalent to 4.546 L.

  • Quarts to liters:
1 US quart is equivalent to 0.946 L.

1 Imperial British quart is 1.1365 L.

How many cups are in a quart

There are 4 cups in 1 quart, but the size of the quart depends upon whether you are using the Imperial or US system. The US and Imperial systems are completely different, and often misunderstood.

Starting with the ounce:

  • The US fluid ounce is 29.57 ml
  • The Imperial fluid ounce is 28.41 ml


  • There are 8 US fluid ounces in 1 US cup (236.6 ml)
  • Technically, there is no 'cup' in the Imperial system, but using the ratio of two cups per pint, there would be 10 Imperial fluid ounces in 1 Imperial cup (284.1 ml). No one would ever consider using a 10 ounce cup in the Imperial system. Colloquially, 8 Imperial ounces are used for an Imperial cup, but this is not a recognized Imperial standard, and leads to confusion. In the Imperial system, it is best to use only pints (or half pints), and to never refer to 'cups.'


  • There are 16 US fluid ounces (2 cups) in 1 US pint (473.2 ml)
  • There are 20 Imperial fluid ounces in 1 Imperial pint (568.3 ml). In common parlance in the Imperial system, a cup is considered to have 8 ounces, thus giving rise to 2.5 cups per pint, but this is not correct. There are no 'cups' in the Imperial system.


  • There are 32 US fluid ounces (2 pints, or 4 cups) in 1 US quart (946.4 ml)
  • There are 40 Imperial fluid ounces (2 pints) in 1 Imperial quart (1,136 ml)
How many pounds are in a ton of sand

2,000 pounds.

Which two English poets collaborated in writing Lyrical Ballads initiating the English Romantic movement

Wordsworth and Coleridge

What is the origin of the phrase What is in a name

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet."

Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, Act II, sc ii

Modern drama emerged toward the end of which period

Victorian Period

What is a speech by one person or a character in a play


Which of these time periods was characterized by a low level of learning and culture in Europe

Well some say the middle ages, but its a very rude generalization,

others think since the 20th century (mostly because of its brutality).

Which of these definitions describes the central conflict

a struggle between forces that form the plot of story

True or false - The beginning of English literature can be traced to the influence of the Catholic Church and the Anglo-Saxons


An oil company can produce 62 gallons of new oil from every 400 quarts of recycled oil How many gallons are in 400 quarts

100 gallons

If each paper bag holds 1.5 pounds of crushed aluminum cans how many ounces are in each paper bag


When lemonade is made with a 12-ounce can of concentrate the directions call for 36 ounces of water to be added Once the lemonade is mixed how many cups of lemonade could be served

it is 13

How many pounds are 173 ounces

There are 16 ounces in one pound. Therefore, 173 ounces is equal to 173/16 = 10.8125 pounds.

Which of the definitions best describes tone

The overall feeling an author portrays to the audience A+

What a cookie best be Weighed in ounces or pounds


What best definitions the describes exposition

sets the stage for the story and identifies the characters and introduces the story conflicts

How is 1 ton in lb

how many lb in 1 ton

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