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What are some ways to estimate how tall you are going to be

You are half your height at the age of two! To find out the height someone will be as an adult u double the height they were when they turned two!

What is negation

Negation is the opposite of something actual or positive. The negation of a true statement will be false. The negation of a false statement will be true.

Can you put black ink cartridge in the color cartridge spot

Yes, you could, provided you are not using the color cartridges. I assume you are filling the color cartridges with black ink to fool the printer you have refilled the colors

What is the sum of side lengths of a triangle

That number is called the "perimeter" of the triangle.

The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 84 feet the length of the garden is twice the width

If the perimeter is 84 feet and the length is twice the width, then the length will be 28 feet and the width will be 14 feet.

Decide if lines are parallel perpendicular or neither 2x plus 4y equals 2 and 4x plus 2y equals 5

The two lines are: 2x+4y=2 4x+2y=5 Le't write them in slope intercept form 4y=-2x+2 or y=-1/2+1/2 AND 2y=-4x+5 or y=-2x+5/2 Now we use the fact the parallel lines have the same slope. One line here has slop =1/2 and the other has -2. Next if lines are perpendicular the product of the slopes is -1. This is not the case here either. So the answer is NEITHER!

What is the absolute value of -x

Absolute value of -x is x.

What can be used to justify a statement in a geometric proof

definition,postulate,theorem,& Corollary
Definition, Theorem, Corollary, and Postulate



D.Algebraic property

(answers for apex)

a and c
postulate, theorem, and definition
How do you Round 222.6 to the nearest tenth

It IS rounded to the nearest tenth.

A diagonal will divide a quadrilateral into two of what figure

Two triangles

Find the equation of the line through the point -3-2 and Parallel to the line 3x plus y equals 4

3x + y = 4

y = -3x + 4 (the slope is -3)

The line that passes through the point (-3, -2) has a slope of -3, since it is parallel to the line with equation 3x + y = 4 (parallel lines have equal slopes).

Using the slpoe -3 and the point (-3, -2) we find the equation of the required line such as

(y - -2) = -3(x - -3)

y + 2 = -3x - 9

y = -3x -11

3x + y = -11

What is the total angle measurement of a hexagon

The total angle measurement is 720 degrees.

What is the total size of a picture if it is 80 centimeters by 50 centimeters

The picture is 4000 cm2

Is All isosceles triangles are similar true or false


What is travel and tour operation

Companies that offer travel and tours of places.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 48 feet If the length measures 16 feet what is the width

Length = 16 feet

Width = 8 feet

Distance around the perimeter =

Length + width + length + width = 16 + 8 + 16 + 8 = 48 feet.

What are the factor pairs of 1680

There are 20 factor pairs of 1,680:

  1. 1680 = 1 x 1680
  2. 1680 = 2 x 840
  3. 1680 = 3 x 560
  4. 1680 = 4 x 420
  5. 1680 = 5 x 336
  6. 1680 = 6 x 280
  7. 1680 = 7 x 240
  8. 1680 = 8 x 210
  9. 1680 = 10 x 168
  10. 1680 = 12 x 140
  11. 1680 = 14 x 120
  12. 1680 = 15 x 112
  13. 1680 = 16 x 105
  14. 1680 = 20 x 84
  15. 1680 = 21 x 80
  16. 1680 = 24 x 70
  17. 1680 = 28 x 60
  18. 1680 = 30 x 56
  19. 1680 = 35 x 48
  20. 1680 = 40 x 42
Is a y a parallel line

No, "y" is not a parallel line because the lines are not perpendicular to each other. "Y" is a skew line.

How many cubic feet in square feet of stone

Square feet is length x width and is given in square feet.

Cubic feet is length x width x depth and is given in cubic feet.

What shapes are available in copper cookie cutters

Copper cookie cutters come in shapes such as alphabets, animal heads, and butterflies. Cookie cutters can come in any imaginable shape and you can even make your own.

Two figure have have a similarity ratio of3 7 the area of the larger figure is 98cm what is the are of the smaller figure

42 cm

Is this statement true or false corresponding sides of similar triangles have the same measure

False because although the angles are the same the sides are proportional by ratio to each other.

Can a triangle be formed with side lengths of 2 3 and 6

No. With the given side lengths the sum of the two shorter sides do not exceed the length of the longest side and would not meet to form a triangle

Where can I find good paving stones

You can get paving stones at Home Depot or most other home stores. They're often used to make a walkway or to decorate a small area in a garden between plants. You can also use them around a patio.

what- WXY UXA

Transitive Property of Similarity