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It looks just like a period. You would probably never know.

I wanted to add to this- I believe i had one, and they only reason i believe this was because i would gush blood then it would stop, and at the very beginning of my period i passed a 3 inch blood clot. and when i would bleed it would be very short bleeding followed by a few hours of not bleeding. The blood was also Bright Red at first, then tapered off to brown.

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Q: If you were less than a month pregnant and didn't know it what does it look like to have a miscarriage?
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How should I tell my Fiance that I was pregnant and had a miscarriage when I didnt know I was pregnant until the miscarriage and I am scared he will be disapointed?

BUt it isn't your fault. he should be able to understand

Can you have a miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?

Not knowing and not being pregnant are completely different things. If you are pregnant, whether you are aware of it or not, you can have a miscarriage. If you are not pregnant then you cannot.

I think im pregnant but when i used the bathroom there was something in it It was small and im only a month I havent bled or anything Can it be a miscarriage?

It is possible that it could be a miscarriage. The only way to know is to visit a doctor.

What can cause a miscarriage if you have been pregnant for one week?

Something as simple as a sneeze can cause you to miscarriage. Generally, however, you don't know that you're one week along and can miscarry without knowing that you were pregnant. This miscarriage type of miscarriage can result in some heavier-than-normal bleeding and such.

What if you have a miscarriage and didnt know but got pregnant again?

Then you would have a new pregnancy. If you feel that this has happened or if you are having any bleeding during pregnancy you should contact your Dr right away.

How can you tell if you had a miscarriage a year ago if you didn't know if you were pregnant or not?

You can not.

After sex you bleed alot but didnt see any tissues was that a miscarriage?

Depends - are you pregnant? If so how far along are you?I'd go see a doctor, only way to know for sure (and prevent any possible complications).But no, sex generally can't cause a miscarriage.

Don't know if I'm pregnant but having symptoms of miscarriage i know i possibally could be pregnant?

i suggest you go to the doctor.

If you have had a miscarriage should you tell the one that got you pregnant if he didnt even know you were pregnant in the first place?

I posted this question. And it sounds really bad. But I didnt even know I was pregnant. I had thoughts and knew there were possibilities and I was having symptoms but wasnt for sure. Then my friend (She had just had a baby) said that what I was going thru was prolly a miscarriage. I didnt even know if I was for sure or not. I wasnt going to tell the guy that got me in this that I was if I wasnt. It would have started too much drama. If I was then I was going to for sure tell him. But anyways ...... please help me with this question!! This is really a question only you can answer. My feeling is that if you are not even sure it was a miscarriage not to tell anyone. You have a good friend who you can talk to so you don't have to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. If you are convinced it WAS a miscarriage and he is a steady boyfriend you probably need to tell him as your worry about getting pregnant (again) is going to change your attitude to him. If he is not a steady boyfriend I would say don't tell him, more from what he might say to HIS friends and how far the 'story' might go than for any other reason. Hope this helps

How can you tell if you had a miscarriage and not know you were about 3 weeks pregnant?

You know that you've had a miscarriage when you're screaming in pain and a dead bloody fetus comes out of your vagina. And you can be three months pregnant and not realize it without a test depending on your body weight

How far along pregnant do you have to be for you to have a miscarriage?

You can miscarry before you even know your pregnant and just think it's a late period

How does Bella's dad feel about her being pregnant?

he didnt know