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how does the treatment differ from each

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Q: How did the Egyptians measure when they built the pyramid's?
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How did the Egyptians measure when they built the pyramids?

by a big long stik with numbers on the end

What Egyptians built?

The Egyptians built pyramids as the tombs of their kings.

What did the ancient Egyptians do in the pyramids?

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids for pharaohs in the afterlife.

Why the egyptians build pyramids?

The Egyptians built the pyramids as buril places for the pharoahs.

Did the nephalim build the pyramids?

No. The pyramids were built by real people - the Egyptians.

What is the correct answer Egyptians have built pyramids or Egyptians built pyramids?

because they believed in afterlife so they built the pyramids to put the dead kings in to keep them safe. In terms of grammar, both are acceptable. However, I would recommend using "Egyptians built pyramids" because implicit in the usage of the present perfect (the "have done something" tense) is that the action has continued to the present, which is not the case as concerns Egyptians building pyramids.

Were built by the Egyptians to bury their dead?


What did the ancient egyptians do with their skills?

Built pyramids.

Does ailens made the pyramids?

No they were built by the Egyptians

Who built the great stone pyramids?

The Egyptians.

Did egyptians build ships?

No, they built pyramids

How many pyramids did the ancient Egyptians bild?

Over ramids were built by the Egyptians.