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Yes many branches of science involve math

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Q: How does being a scientist involve math?
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What jobs involve animals and math?

Jobs that involve animals & math:- Marine BiologistJobs that involve science & math:- Engineer- Geologist- Forensic Scientist-The careers are endless!

What jobs involve a lot of English and math?

teacher scientist

Does being a singer involve math?

It does if you get paid for it.

What does math have to do with being a scientist?

Sometimes in Science you will have to measure things and/or you will have to find the average. So basically that's what math has to do with being a scientist.

What are high paying jobs that don't involve math or science?

Being President of the good old USA don't involve no math or science or being a lawyer i think

How does being a Doctor involve math?

When you check the person weight and height.

What is being a scientist have to do by using math?

Being a scientist has alot to do with math. When a person does an expirnment the have to figure iut how much water they need to pour in a jar.If my answer does not make sense to you please just ask your science and or your math teacher!

How does being a nurse involve math?

it does because you have to no how much meds to give a patient

What math does being a marine biologist involve?

It involves rescuing animals from under the sea.

Does biology deal with math?

Biology can involve math.

What math does being a vet involve?

question does not make sense. Veterinarians need Math for figuring out dosages for medicines, for keeping track of supplies, and for billing.

What jobs do not involve maths?

Not many jobs don't involve math. Most jobs require you to know basic math skills, such as arithmetic and perhaps some basic algebra and geometry. If you want to become an engineer or scientist or something, you will probably need much more math knowledge than that. I assume that most writing jobs don't require math skills (author, blahblahblah).

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