How many seconds in 6 years?

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60s X 60m =3600sX 24=86400s X 365d= 31536000X 6yr =189216000 seconds in 6 years

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there are

60 seconds in a minute

60 minutes in an hour (which equals 3,600 seconds)

24 hours in a day (which equals 86,400 seconds)

365 days in a (regular) year (which equals 31,536,000 seconds)

366 day in a leap year (which equals 31,622,400)

So, as six consecutive years will definitely include one leap year we get 5 regular years (which equals 157,680,000 seconds) and one leap year - together this totals 189,302,400 seconds.

But, there could be two leap years in six consecutive years and that would mean 4 ordinary years (which equals 126,144,000 seconds) and 2 leap years (which equals 63,244,800 seconds) and that total is 189,388,800 seconds.

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Q: How many seconds in 6 years?
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