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Q: In 1786 Virginians called a convention in Annapolis to discuss problems with the?
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In 1786 Virginians called a convention in Annapolis to discuss problems with what?

In 1786, Virginians called a convention in Annapolis to discuss problems with trade and the protectionist policies each state had enacted. As a result of the Annapolis Convention, it was established that the federal government can regulate trade between the states.

Where was the Constitutional Convention held in the the year 1787?

Annapolis, MD - to discuss trade problems - known as the Annapolis convention.

In 1786 Virginians called a convention to discuss problems with the?

Articles Of Confederation

Who initiated the Annapolis Convention?

The Annapolis Convention began on September 11, 1786. The delegates met at the suggestion of James Madison to discuss some problems with trade issues. The meeting highlighted some of the problems with the weakness of the Articles of Confederation.

Why was a convention convened in Annapolis in 1786?

To discuss Shays’s Rebellion in Massachusetts

When the Annapolis meeting of 1786 that was called to discuss commercial problems seemed about to fail proposed a convention in Philadelphia to deal with constitutional reform?

Alexander Hamilton

The was held to discuss trade and navigation issues but also issued a call for a constitutional convention?

Annapolis Convention

Which of the following events played a prominent role in highlighting the need for the Annapolis Convention?

Shays's Rebellion

Which meeting held to discuss changes to the articles of confederation?

Annapolis (Maryland)

What did some of the Founders meet about at Annapolis Maryland in 1786?

The meeting called the Annapolis Convention, regarded defects in the Articles of Confederation and called for a meeting in Philadelphia to discuss wider issues beyond trade.

Why did the delegates meet at Mount Vernon and Annapolis?

There were two Annapolis conventions. The first occurred between 1774 and 1776, which served as a form of state government prior to the revolution. The second convention occurred in 1786, which was to discuss the constitution and its weaknesses after the revolution.

What meeting occured 1786 September what was its purpose?

A convention of the thirteen states met to study the trade problem.