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Archimedes had several inventions to defend Syracuse, including walls that could shoot arrows. The most famous of these inventions was the Archimedes Claw; a device to lift attacking Roman warships out of the water. No one today has been able to figure out how this device worked.

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Q: What did Archimedes invent to defend Syracuse?
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Archimedes a scientist mathematician and inventor designed the to defend Syracuse.?


What is the full name of scientist Archimedes?

He has no first name for some reason. He is only known as Archimedes or otherwise Archimedes of Syracuse!He has no first name for some reason. He is only known as Archimedes or otherwise Archimedes of Syracuse!

Where was Archimedes born?

In Syracuse in Sicily In Syracuse in Sicily he was born in Syracuse, Sicily

Is Archimedes Archimedes' real name?

He is only known as Archimedes of Syracuse ( now Sicily).

Where is Archimedes hometown?

Archimedes was born in the city of Syracuse. This area is in modern day Sicily.

Did Archimedes invent the pulley?

Yes. Archimedes did invent the pulley.

What nationality was Archimedes?

He was Sicilian (from Syracuse).

What city was Archimedes in charge of?


When and where did Archimedes work?

Syracuse, Italy.

Did the Egyptians invent the first pulley?

yes they did they did i have a history degree. Sorry but the first pulley was not invented by the Egyptians it was invented by Archimedes of Syracuse in around 250 BCE.

Where was Archimedes hometown?

The hometown of Archimedes was Syracuse Sicily. This was back when Sicily was a Greek colony. Archimedes was born in 287 BC and is one of the most famous mathematicians in history.

Can anyone find out about the life of Archimedes and his work on levers?

Archimedes of Syracuse was born c. 287 BC (in Syracuse). Not much is known about his life, modern day scholars still have no idea whether he was married or had children. He may have studied in Alexandria (Egypt). Archimedes died in c. 212 BC, during the Roman invasion of the second punic war.Although he didn't invent the lever, Archimedes was the first to accurately describe how it worked.