What is the Galizien division?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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It was a Ukrainian division of the Waffen-SS.

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Q: What is the Galizien division?
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Where was Pietnice Poland in 1888?

Pietnice was a small village near Dobromil City in Galizien. There was German colony named Rosenberg / or Rosenburg /. The German colonists cames to Galizien according to Emperor Joseph The Second decree, from 1783 to 1789 years. My grandfather was born in Rosenberg in 1865.

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Galicia (sometimes spelled 'Galiza'.) is an autonomous community in northwest Spain, and was one of the first kingdoms of Europe[ Galicia was also the English name for the largest, and poorest, province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The German name was Galizien.

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A person from the Spanish autonomous territory of Galicia is a "Galician" in English, Galego (masculine) or Galega (feminine) in Galician language. A person from the former Austrian province of Galicia (Galizien in German) is a "Galician" in English or a "Galitzianer" in German or Yiddish.

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