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Archimedes invented the screw because there was a hole in one of the ships and water was leaking everywhere. He used it to lift the water up from the boat and through to the other side.

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Q: When did Archimedes invent the Archimedes screw?
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How did Archimedes invent the Archimedes screw?

Yes but it may or may not have been invented before his time by others.

Where did Archimedes invent the Archimedes screw?

Nobody knows for sure, but he most likely invented it while in Egypt.

What machines did Archimedes invent?

Archimedes invented the lever, pulley, wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge, and screw.

Who invented Archimedes' screw?

Archimedes invented Archimedes' screw.

What did Archimedes invent and in which year?

He invented the Lifting screw -which lifts water up to a higher level, pulley-which makes lifting heavy objects much easier, Golden Crown, as well as the Catapult,the Burning mirror and the lever The arkamedes screw... 1gameboyc's comment, Wrong! I study Archimedes and he did not invent the lever. The lifting screw is known as the Archimedes screw.. it was invented in the 3rd century

Did Archimedes invent the pulley?

Yes. Archimedes did invent the pulley.

What did the archimedes screw do?

The Archimedes screw took water up hill.

When was the Archimedes screw invented?

The Archimedes screw was invented in 250 B.C.

Did Archimedes invent the lawn mower?

No, Archimedes did not invent the lawn mower even though one of his attributed inventions paved the way for that invention 2,000-plus years later. The lawn mower invented by an English textile mill engineer in 1830 had the name Archimedean revolving cutter mower. The mower in question included a revolving screw-shaped blade inside a cylinder, considered the essential design of the Archimedean screw attributed to Archimedes' (287 B.C.-212 B.C.) inventiveness.

What did Archimedes invent that helped bring water from a lower level to a higher level?

He invented the Archimedes Screw, which was first used to pump bilge water out of ships. It is still used today for pumping liquids and granulated solids such as coal and grain. In 1839, a steamship with a screw propeller was launched - the SS Archimedes.

Who invented the Archimedes water screw?

You just stated it in your question, Archimedes invented the water screw.

What invention of Archimedes was used to lift water?

The Archimedes Screw.

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