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You have to get an extension cord and plug them into it and then plug the extension cord somewhere in your house, if you do not have some type of outdoor outlet. You might try to get the extension cord through a window and then close the window as much as possible.

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Q: How do you set up outdoor Christmas lights?
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What percentage of Americans put up outdoor Christmas lights?

It's hard to give an exact percentage of Americans who put up outdoor Christmas lights. On average, about 50% of Americans who celebrate Christmas put up outdoor lights and for those who don't put lights up outside, they usually put their near up inside near a window so people driving by can see their lights.

How can one dacorate a outdoor christmas tree easily?

One can decorate an outdoor Christmas tree easily with Christmas LED lights. They will light up in the dark. Also, consider a star, a Father Christmas design with some reindeer.

What is the purpose of outdoor party lights?

"The purposes of outdoor party lights are to light up the paths, set romantic moods, keep bugs away, set a theme, and make the party memorable. When it gets dark the lights keeps the mood of the party going longer."

How does one set up outdoor accent lighting?

One can set up outdoor accent lighting by purchasing fasteners for the lights at the home depot and installing them where desired and attaching the accent light to them and they will stay up well.

Should someone use outdoor christmas lights?

Of course, everyone should use outdoor christmas lights! They are a fun, festive way to decorate for the holidays. Everyone enjoys seeing neighborhoods light up with the joy that comes with celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

What lights up on a Christmas tree?

Usually, strings of Christmas lights light up a Christmas Tree. Nowadays, the lights are more likely to be LEDs.

When do you take down Christmas lights?

That's a personal choice, there is no set date to take down your Christmas lights. Some people will remove them on the 25th evening, and some people will leave the lights up year 'round.

How many strings of lights does the average American use to decorate outdoors?

The only holidays Americans use strings of lights, is Christmas. The average American may use up to 15-25 strings of lights for outdoor decoration.

What is a good idea for a mini Christmas lights system?

A good idea for a mini Christmas lights system is to set your lights to music by getting a control system that is hooked up to your computer. You can buy one already built, or do it yourself.

How To Set Up Outdoor Christmas Decorations?

How to Set Up Outdoor Christmas LightingIt's the time of year again when people are decorating their lawns and homes with Christmas lights. But what is the right way to display lights at your home so your neighbors don't think you have gone overboard? Well, the first thing you want to do is keep decorations simple. Unless you live in a neighborhood that goes all out for Christmas, you don't need to have lights on every single square inch of the home. Add some small lights to the front porch and the roof of your home so people who drive by can see them.Inflatable decorations have become very popular over the past few years. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can get just about any character you can think of. Once again, you don't need ten inflatables in your yard during the holidays. One or two is plenty to get you and the neighbors in the holiday spirit. If you want to decorate the trees in your yard, work with the lights on so you can see where the lights will be when you get the tree decorated. Start at the bottom and work your way up with the lights. Add some candy canes around the tree that will allow the lights to shine through them when the lights are on at night.

Do people in Chile put up Christmas lights?

Some people who celebrate Christmas might put up lights there

What does putting up lights have to do with Christmas?

It is a symbol of the celebration of Christmas.