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nickole rider goes to south west middle school she is in 8th grade and is younger than me my name is gina mortona i wanted to say a couple things about nickole rider i think she is such a good singer i wish i could get a v.i.p pass and go back stage with her nickole rider is 15 years old she lives in lakeland Florida but i can't tell u the name of her street she might think ur stocking her

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Q: A bicycle rider travels 22 kilometer in 3.35 hour what is the average speed of rider in ms?
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A bicycle rider is traveling up a hill. When the rider reaches the top of the hill, she stops to rest.then she travels down the hill. Which one describes it?

When the rider is at the top of the hill, her potential energy is the greatest, and her kinetic energy is the least.

What powers a bicycle?

The rider

When would a bicycle rider not be accelerating?

A bicycle often "coasts along".

What is a bicycle fork?

A bicycle fork is the portion of a bicycle that holds the front wheel and allows the rider to steer and balance the bicycle.

What is the purpose of a lowrider bicycle?

The primary purpose of a low rider bicycle is not uncommon from the purpose of a low rider vehicle. It is mostly for appearances and it's even said that low rider bikes are more difficult to operate than a normal bicycle.

What store of energy does a bicycle carry?

A bicycle carries kinetic energy when it is in motion. The kinetic energy comes from the rider's pedaling efforts and is stored in the motion of the bicycle and rider.

What does a bicycle use to work?

The muscle strenght of the rider.

What do you call a rider's trouser guard?

bicycle clip

When is a bicycle rider accelerating?

When he's gaining speed

What do the brakes do on a bicycle?

THey slow it down, if the rider so wishes.

What do bicycle brakes do?

Bicycle brakes allow the rider to slow down in a controlled manner and with out undue wear on the tires.

What part of a bicycle makes the bicycle go?

The pedals, crank, chain, sprockets, and wheels. Along with the rider, they all work together to make the bicycle go.