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I posted this question before I registered. Here's an amplified version of the question: I have an electric floor mat heater that gets too hot. I've found a good dimming device made primarily for incandescent lights, one that uses a triac unit for reducing the electric output. Would this work well for my heater?

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Q: Can I use a dimmer switch with an electric heater?
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Why did your halogen lamp stop working when plugged into a dimmer switch on a cord?

It was not designed to be used with a dimmer switch. You must have a halogen designed for use with a dimmer or it will not work.

Can you use g9 bulb on a dimmer switch?

It is generally not recommended to use a G9 bulb on a dimmer switch unless the bulb is specifically marked as dimmable. Using a non-dimmable bulb on a dimmer switch can cause flickering, buzzing, and even damage to the bulb or the dimmer switch. Always check the bulb packaging to ensure it is compatible with dimmer switches before using them together.

Can a single pole switch can be use as a dimmer?

No, a single pole switch is not designed to function as a dimmer. Dimmer switches are specifically designed to control the amount of electrical current flowing to a light fixture, allowing for adjustable brightness levels. Using a single pole switch as a dimmer may cause damage to the switch, light fixture, or both.

Can you use a dimmer switch with tract lights?


Can you use an AC Dimmer Switch on a DC fan?

No, an AC dimmer switch is designed to work with AC-powered devices, not DC. DC fans require a different type of dimmer switch specifically rated for DC power. Using an AC dimmer switch on a DC fan can potentially damage the fan or the switch itself.

How many bulbs can a dimmer switch?

The number of bulbs a dimmer switch can control depends on the wattage rating of the dimmer switch and the individual bulbs. Consult the dimmer switch's specifications to determine the maximum total wattage it can handle, and then ensure the combined wattage of the bulbs you intend to use does not exceed this limit.

Which dimmer switch to use with LED down lighters?

Look on the carton that the dimmer comes in. On the label there will be a list of lamp types that the dimmer can be used on along with the maximum wattage that the dimmer can control.

Can energy save bulb be used with any dimmer?

Compact florescent do not dim. They are all or nothing. You can use them where you have a dimmer switch. They will come on from about half way to full on. Dimmer switches don't like them and the switch will burn out faster.

How do you detect a bad dimmer switch?

You can detect a bad dimmer switch by checking for flickering or flashing lights, overheating of the switch, buzzing or humming noises when the switch is in use, or if the lights don't respond consistently to the dimming adjustments. If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to replace the dimmer switch.

Can you use dimmer switch for chandelier?

Yes, you can use a dimmer switch with a chandelier as long as the chandelier is compatible with dimming. Make sure to check the wattage rating of the dimmer switch to ensure it can handle the load of the chandelier. It's also a good idea to consult with a professional electrician for installation to ensure safety and proper functionality.

What is the type of lamp uses with dimmer switch?

You cannot use most fluorescent lights with a dimmer. Just about any incandescent bulb WILL work with a dimmer. Occasionally, when a halogen bulb burns out, it will destroy a dimmer switch but halogen bulbs are considered incandescent and other than that little problem they work well with a dimmer.

Can a dimmer switch cause lights to flicker?

Yes, a dimmer switch can cause lights to flicker if not compatible with the type of bulbs being used or if the dimmer switch is malfunctioning. Flickering can also occur if the wiring connections are loose or damaged. It is recommended to use dimmer switches that are specifically designed for the type of bulbs being used to prevent flickering.