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It bounces 134 times before it stops.

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Q: How many times does a tennis ball bounce before it stops bouncing from different heights?
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What pictures can answer the question How does temperature affect the bounce of a ball?

A series of images showing a ball being dropped from different heights at varying temperatures, with the resulting bounce height measured. A side-by-side comparison of a ball bouncing on surfaces at different temperatures to visually demonstrate the effect of temperature on the bounce. Infographic illustrating the relationship between temperature and bounce height of a ball, with temperature as the x-axis and bounce height as the y-axis.

What is the highest bouncing ball in the world?

The highest bouncing ball in the world is the Superball. It is made of a synthetic rubber compound that allows it to bounce incredibly high, reaching heights of up to 92 feet when dropped from a helicopter.

Why do balls bounce to different heights?

Balls bounce to different heights because of the material they are made of, their elasticity, and the surface they bounce on. The more elastic the material, the higher the bounce. The surface also plays a role, as softer surfaces absorb more of the energy, resulting in a lower bounce. Additionally, factors like air pressure and the angle at which the ball impacts the surface can affect the height of the bounce.

What Titles for bouncing a basketball science project?

"Bounce It Better: Investigating the Science of Basketball Bouncing" "The Physics of Bouncing: A Basketball Experiment" "Dribble Dynamics: Exploring the Bounce of a Basketball" "From Court to Classroom: A Study on Basketball Bouncing"

What is the onomatopoeia for a ball bouncing?

The onomatopoeia for a ball bouncing is "boing" or "bounce."

What is the control in this project-you are heating a ball and measuring how high it bounces then freezing the ball and bouncing it?

bouncing the ball at room temperature, before heating or freezing it, and then measuring the height of the bounce.

Why do different types of balls bounce different heights?

Different types of balls bounce different heights due to variations in their materials, elasticity, and design. Balls made of materials with higher elasticity, such as rubber, tend to bounce higher compared to balls made of less elastic materials. The design of the ball, including the inner pressure and surface texture, also influences how high it bounces.

Why does the bouncing ball inside the net does not bounce?

it doesn't bounce in the net because I said so

Do ocean waves bounce?

Waving and bouncing are two different medium. The deeper the water the faster the waves travel, and yes the ocean waves can bounce if the waves hit anything such as rocks.

Will different heights affect the bounce of the ball?

The height you drop the ball from will affect the bounce height this is because as the drop height increases so does the bounce height it is all to do with energy transfers. Also the waste energy is the sound and heat energy hope this helps.

How do you make an egg bounce safely?

make sure when bouncing the egg to bounce it from at least a few inches

What is a catchy science fair title for bounce balls?

"Bouncing into Science: The Physics and Chemistry of Bounce Balls"