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There is about four to five gallons wasted if you flush a toilet but I don't believe that it makes a difference if the handle is loose or not. Unless, the toilet is leaking from the handle or somewhere else.

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Q: How much water is wasted if your toilet handle is loose when you flush?
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Why is the toilet not sataying in place?

Broken toilet flange. Toilet flange bolts may be loose.

How do you fix a slightly loose toilet that is seated on ceramic tile?

Pull the toilet. Check the closet flange. If it is not loose or broken, replace the wax ring and closet bolts. Reset toilet. Level with wobble wedges. Caulk base of toilet.

What do you do if a door handle is loose?

There are several options to fixing a door handle if it is loose. The simplest method is to use exposed screws with a threaded spindle.

How do you prevent seal loose in water closets?

I am paraphrasing to be sure I am answering your question... I think you are asking... "How do you prevent a loose toilet seal?" answer: Most seals, for a toilet, are a problem if the floor is not level or the toilet sits on a non level surface. If the toilet moves side to side or front to back then the seal WILL fail! Additionally, if you have removed the toilet you must ALWAYS install a new seal.

Can rye bread cause loose bowels?

Yea, i just blew up the toilet

Why when you flush one toilet upstairs does the toilet downstairs make water noises?

Your water lines aren't properly isolated. when you flush the toilet and your water lines are refilling with water it can create water hammer. This is usually worse if your water pipes are either not properly supported or come in contact with wood joists or studs. You may also have very high water pressure which means a lot of air comes through with the water, try closing the water inlet a little. A loose washer on the shut off valve for the toilet can cause the jackhammer sound you describe.

How to fix a shower handle?

What is wrong with the shower handle? Loose? Too tight? Leaking? Not working?

How do you fix a loose handle on a security door?

If the handle is loose on a security door, the owner should call the manufacturer, who will supply them with the tools to fix it. For security doors, they will likely send a ring shaped screwdriver, which should effectively tighten the loose screws.

How do you repair a loose Pontiac grand am door handle?

get a book and find out numptey

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A flush diet is for someone that is trying to loose weight. It is basically a detoxification of something from someones diet. They stop cold turkey and they don't eat it anymore. Flushing it from their diet.

How do you fix a loose Kwikset door handle?

You can easily fix a lose Kwikset door handle by taking the appropriate screwdriver and tightening the screws that attach the door handle to the door frame.

How do you tighten the inside door handle linkage on a 1999 Chevy Tahoe after replacing the exterior door handle the linkage seems loose and rattles with a clicking sound?

Sounds like you left a retaining clip loose on one of the pull rods.