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1.5 million*12 months = 18 million bottles thrown away each year.

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Q: If people in Canada throw away 1.5 million plastic bottles per month - How many bottles per year are thrown away?
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How many plastic bottles of water are consumed daily in the US?

2500000 Plastic bottles are thrown away each hour.

How many plastic water bottles thown a day in Canada?

Not so many. Most people take them back to the many recycling centres.

What advantages do stainless steel bottles have over plastic bottles?

they are better for enviroment because they last longer than plastic and are not thrown away as aften as plastic bottles

Why does people remove the caps on plastic bottles specially on festivals?

People usually remove the caps on plastic bottles specially on festivals so as to make the water bottle less painful as the water leaks out.

How many plastic bottles do people use each year?


Canada has a population of approximately how many million people?

Canada has a population of around 38 million people.

How many plastic bottles do Americans throw away every hour and from where did the data come?

Americans throw away 2500000 million plastic bottles every hour, which means 4% of the world's people generate 40% of the world's waste. They can get this data when pealpe throw away plastic bottle and they go the a factory that sorts the trash and plastic and other recyclable materials. The the bottles gget counted and then recycled, and as for the bottle put in recycle bins, they to another recycling plant where they get sorted and counter, then recylced.

What is a risk for plastic bottles?

A risk associated with plastic bottles is the potential for harmful chemicals, such as bisphenol A (BPA), to leach from the plastic into the contents of the bottle, especially when exposed to heat or over time. This can pose health risks when consumed. Recycling and proper disposal of plastic bottles is important to reduce environmental impact.

Why do people put plastic bottles of water in the garden?

They are supposed to deter cats.

How is the cell's use of carbon dioxide and water similar to people's recycling of paper and plastic bottles?

Cells give out carbon dioxide like people give out paper and plastic bottles. They re-use them over and over again.

Can people live in Canada?

About 34 million people can and do live in Canada.

If the population of Canada is 28 million and the area of Canada is 10 million square kilometres what is the population density of Canada?

2.8 people per square kilometer. I believe the population of Canada is closer to 33 million people however.