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A 6.8 second 60-yard equates to a 4.53 second 40-yard.

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Q: What is 6.8 second sixty yard is what forty yard time?
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1and a half yard equals how many inches?

A yard is three feet, and a foot is twelve inches. Multiply twelve by three and you get forty-eight. Half of three is one and a half, so that would be eighteen inches. Add eighteen and forty-eight is sixty-six. One yard is forty-eight inches, and one and a half feet is eighteen inches. Thus, a one and a half yard is sixty-six inches.

What is Josh Hall's forty yard dash time?

answer 6.21

What is antonio gates forty yard dash time?


What is Reggie Bush's forty yard dash time?

4.2 flat

How fast is Jose Reyes in the sixty yard?

Jose Reyes can run 6.2 seconds in the sixty yard

Is a five second forty yard dash good for a five foot male?

Yes, the fastest 40 yard dashes are around 4.24 seconds.

What is the fastest time ever ran in the forty yard dash?

Hall ran a 4.15 second 40 yard dash indoors and a 4.37 outdoors while in school at Virginia Tech.

What is Usain Bolt's fastest forty yard dash time?

0.0004- just joking its 3.53

How many milesper hour is 4 seconds in a forty yard dash?

40 yards in 4 seconds =(10 yard/second) x (3,600 second/hour) x (1 mile/1,760 yards) = 20.455 mile/hour (rounded)

What was Eric Dickerson 40 yard dash time?

Eric was clocked running a 4.3 forty.

How square feet makes sixty yards?

No amount of square feet will make sixty yards since the first is a measure of area and the second is a measure of distance. 1 Yard = 3 feet so 1 square yard = 9 square feet. You now have all the information required to answer this and similar questions.

What is Jason witten's forty yard dash time?

Fred Taylor's 40 yard dash in the NFL combine time does not appear to be recorded in any verifiable sources