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I'm guessing ur in sixth grade:P well if u reaaly want to attract him, you can get some fashon tips, short skirt/shorts long top..... long jeans, short top! wear your hair down, guys love that, and big golden hoops <earings and bracelets> don't wear heels to school, and show a little intrest in SOME GUY STUFF! mascara is always nice, lip gloos, not lip stick, be a little funny, but don't push it. seriously. don' keep your teeth white, always, and have some tic-tacs, for breath, and he's bound to want some. if he doesn't like u now, he's not worth it. your better than that. it's not like your going to marry him. the best of luck!



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Q: How do you attract a six grade boy?
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How do you attract an 8th grade boy?

To attract an 8th grade boy, be yourself, show genuine interest in his hobbies and passions, and engage him in conversation about topics he enjoys. Building a connection through shared interests and a good sense of humor can help capture his attention.

How much should a six grade boy weigh?

1 ton

How do you attract a boy that knows you like him but possibly likes you in the 5th grade?

be your self and hint: guys love vanilla sent it attracts them.

How do you get a fifth grade boy to like a fifth grade girl?

Be yourself, talk to them casually and then, eventually get more friendly with them and be like that for six mounths and then go out with them.

How tall do you have to be in the fourth grade and age 10?

well in 4'9 but 4'7 to 5'0 im am fourth grade and 10 years old and a boy and have a six pack on my stomach

How do you tell if a boy likes you in grade six?

A boy may like you in grade six if he tries to spend time with you, compliments you, acts differently around you, or tries to engage in conversation with you more than usual. It's important to communicate openly with him and observe his body language to get a better idea of his feelings.

When you are in six grade do you have to stay in six grade or in seven grade?

sevened grade unless you get held back

How do you attract an boy?

I would attract a boy towards me by not sticking to him (TIP- Boys get attracted when a girl avoids him)

Can you kiss a boy when your in 5th grade?

you CAN kiss a boy in 5th grade

How do you attract a Virgo boy?

Be yourself.

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