What does NYSC mean?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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national youth serivce corp.

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Q: What does NYSC mean?
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June 2009 nim nysc exams timetable?

please show me the time table for june,2009 nysc@nim

When is 2011 batch c nysc leaving for camp?

The Batch c nysc is leaving for camp on the 24th of October, Hope i helped:)

What year was NYSC Created and by who?

1975 by yakubu gowon

Are nursing mothers allowed in NYSC orientation camp?

Not allowed

When will nysc batch c 2009 commence?

November 2009

What is the first paper in nim nysc exam 2010?


When is 2008 batch C NYSC Corps member passing out?

October 20 2009

When is the nysc batch c orientation?

Yes, in November 2009. The actual date has not been published yet.

Why did concept university is not going for National Youth Service Crop programme?

why the student of concept university is not serving the nation, National Youth Service Crop (NYSC)

When is call up letter 4 Nysc 2009 batch c coming out?

The call up letter is coming out on 26 of oct 2009 and on third of November we are reporting to camp.

Role of nysc in community development?

NYSC plays a vital role in the community development as such in which without its role playing in the community corps would not been sending them to various communities across the country. : Community Development Service (CDS) is a year-round programme of the NYSC in which corps members are organized to work with local communities to promote and execute development projects in their host communities. The CDS policy of the NYSC has been reviewed and tailored towards achieving the objectives of the United Nations fostered Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) and the National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS). - This programme has its ideological base in the need to correct the imbalance in the socio-economic development of our country where rural communities are neglected and infrastructural facilities are concentrated in the urban areas. There is also the necessity to come to grips with the problems our under-development and our over-dependence on government for all our basic needs. Community Development Service is therefore a complementary assignment for corps members which is expected to be undertaken concurrently with their primary assignment. It is basically the avenue for promoting, facilitating and strengthening self-help projects at local communities.

Is the national youth service corp essential in the present situation in nigeria?

Nysc is very essential because it gives the youth the opportunity to interact among various ethnic groups that come together for the purpose of serving their fatherlandd