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I think i would be a party teacher or a music teacher or a homeroom teacher or a kindergarton teacher

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Q: What kind of teacher should you be?
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How do you get your teacher to be kind?

do you work accurately .to take the teachers kind we should be pleasant should be happy tho we are small .we should show are politeness to teacher. we should obey the teachers.understanding the character who teachers you and we should behave according to its character .

Where do the quotations go in the sentence The teacher asked what kind of books do you like to read?

The quotation marks should go around the direct speech within the sentence. It should be written as: The teacher asked, "What kind of books do you like to read?"

How do you tell your teacher you want to have it with them...?

first of all they wouldn't fall for that unless your teacher is a horror and is in to that kind of stuff, but you should go up to your teacher and tell he/she how you feel about them go from there

How does teaching use maths?

that depends on ehat kind of teacher. If you want to be a maths teacher, then it is kind of important, but you don't really use anything but basic sums any other teacher. As long as you are passionate and good at your subject then you should be fne with a C

What kind of teacher has to learn?

a science teacher

What were the teacher's like in Australia were they kind or strict?

What were the teacher's like in Australia were they kind or srict

What kind of gifts should you get your music teacher?

music teacher : mic piano violin pretty much every thing that can make music math teacher ; thing that you dont under stand in maths xD

Who is peggy chua?

she is a nice teacher and kind teacher

What lifestyle should you expect when i am teacher?

Well expect to have a great lifestyle when you are a teacher. However I dont understand what lifestyle has to do with you being a teacher? A teacher s lifestyle ought to be exemplary -not necessarily perfect. Actually he/she should not just be affable and accessible but also cultivate a generous spirit-in time and in material things. His/her role is not limited to imparting knowledge but morals and communally productive relations. Almost always a teacher 's character should be beyond reproach.The genes of this kind of teacher should be banked for posterity.

What kind of teacher did Zayn Malik want to be?

English teacher

How can you become a teacher on club penguin?

be a good nice teacher an look like a teacher be a kind helpfull teacher an a safe teacher

Can you gauge a teacher's a teacher's competence by the kind of question asks?