What a crusty mean?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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To be covered with crust.

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Q: What a crusty mean?
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What does it mean when someone calls you white bread?

It means you are crusty, toast or buttrz

How would you use crusty in a sentence?

He had a crusty pizza for lunch.He's a crusty person, no one likes him.

What does the name aracelli mean?

it means crusty/old. and in some languages it means kathy.

What if you like a girl but she is mean to you?

She doesnt likee you and your crusty!:) or might think you wont like her if she a punk

Is Justin Deramus Crusty?

Justin Deramus is very crusty and has the swag of Andrew lynchJustin Deramus is very crusty and has the swag of Andrew lynchJustin Deramus is very crusty and has the swag of Andrew lynch

What is a crusty entree?

An example of a crusty entree would be pot pie.

Why can't simply fight Crusty?

why can't percy fight crusty

What year were crusty demons formed?

Crusty Demons was formed around 1994

When was Crusty's Dirt Demons created?

Crusty's Dirt Demons was created in 2004.

When did Crusty's Dirt Demons end?

Crusty's Dirt Demons ended in 2007.

Why cant Percy simpily fight crusty?

Percy COULD've fought Crusty, or Procrustes, but he could kill him - "Crusty" was clamping a hand on his shoulder, so he couldn't run away or draw his sword -Riptide - then.

What does crusty ruts mean?

"Crusty ruts" typically refer to dried or hardened grooves or tracks left in soil or mud, usually caused by repeated use or traffic. It can make surfaces uneven or difficult to navigate, especially for vehicles or pedestrians.