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a weather radar

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Q: 3 A works by sending out a beam of energy and recording the amount of energy that is reflected back and amount of time it takes for the beam to reflect back?
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How long could light reflect?

Light is reflected by an object for however long a light source is shining on it. Also, even when the light source is gone, the light that was reflected continues for an infinite amount of time.

How does the amount of the reflected light affected by the kind of the objects surface?

The amount of light reflected by an object's surface is affected by its texture, color, and reflective properties. Smooth and brightly colored surfaces tend to reflect more light, while rough or dark surfaces may absorb or scatter more light. The angle of incident light can also impact the amount of light reflected.

Does the suns energy reflect back into space?

Yes. Indeed one proposed solution for the global warming suffered by our planet is to increase the amount of energy reflected back into space by increasing our own oceans ability to reflect it.

The amount of light reflected by an object depends on the of that object?

The amount of light reflected by an object depends on the surface properties of that object, such as its texture, color, and reflectivity. Objects that are smooth and shiny tend to reflect more light, while objects that are rough and matte tend to absorb more light.

Can light reflect and absorb and transmit all at the same time?

Yes, light can be reflected, absorbed, and transmitted simultaneously. When light encounters a medium, some of it is reflected back, some is absorbed by the medium, and some is transmitted through it. The amount of light that is reflected, absorbed, and transmitted depends on the properties of the material it interacts with.

Does a red light shone on a red surface reflect or absorb?

A red light shined on a red surface will be mostly reflected, as red surfaces tend to reflect red light and absorb other colors. The surface may also absorb a small amount of the light, depending on its material properties.

How can sound and light both be reflected?

Most objects we know of will reflect both. If you can see an object, its reflecting light. Chances are this same object will bounce sound waves too, no matter how insignificant.A thick, wide mirror will reflect light and probably a good amount of sound.

Which3 factors determine the amount of light an object will reflect?

The material of the object, its smoothness, and the angle of incidence of the light hitting the object are important factors that determine the amount of light that will be reflected. Smooth surfaces reflect more light compared to rough surfaces, and shiny materials reflect more light than dull ones.

Does red laser beam reflect off of glass?

Yes, red laser beams will reflect off glass, but the amount of reflection will depend on the angle of incidence, the quality of the glass, and the wavelength of the laser. Glass can absorb some of the light energy, so not all of the beam may be reflected.

When the amount of light reflected increases called?

When the amount of light reflected increases, it is referred to as brightness or luminance. This is a measure of how intense the light appears to the human eye.

What is the maximum amount of sunlight reflected by the moon?


The term albedo refers to the?

Albedo refers to the amount of sunlight that is reflected off a surface, typically measured as a percentage. Higher albedo values mean more sunlight is reflected, while lower values indicate more absorption by the surface.