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3x2 - 2y2 = 9x2 + 4y2 - 12xy (subtract 3x2 and add 2y2 to both sides)

0 = 9x2 -3x2 + 4y2 + 2y2 - 12xy

0 = 6x2 + 6y2 - 12xy (divide by 6 to both sides)

0 = x2 + y2 - 12xy or

x2 - 2xy + y2 = 0

(x - y)(x - y) = 0

x - y = 0

x = y

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Q: 3xsquare-2ysquare equals 9xsquare plus 4ysquare-12xy how do you reach this answer?
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