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Q: 7 minus 1 plus 6 equals show your work?
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What does 15--13 equal 15 --13 equals 28 because a minus and a minus equals a plus so the equation is actually 15 plus 13 equals 28 p.s. i am only 10 years old?

Good work ! Did you have a question you wanted to ask ?

What is three minus negative nine with the work?

3-(-9) Considering a negative plus a negative equals a positive your equation can be rewritten as 3+9 Which equals 12

How can you show your work to solving the equation of 5x-2y equals -10 3x plus 6y equals 66?

There are 2 unknowns

Integrate sqrt of 10000 divided by pi minus x squared plus sqrt of pi plus one twentieth and show work?

It's about 34 and a third

How do you work out 7n plus 1 equals 6n plus 8?

7n + 1 = 6n + 8 7n=6n+7 (minus 1 from each side) n=7 (7n-6n equals n, you are left with n=7)

Solve this equation Express fraction answers in lowest terms Check each solution Please show your work 3x minus 8 equals 7x plus 10 x equals?

3x-8=7x+10x 3x-8=17x -8 = 14x -4=7x -4/7

Could you write y equals seven over 2 x minus 6 in standard form show your work and justify each step?

yes you can

Solve this equation - Show your work 2bracket x minus 3endbracket plus 3bracket x minus 2endbracket equals 18?

cheater == 2[x-3]+3[x-2]=18 2x-6+3x-6=18 5x-12=18 5x=30 x=30/5=6

What is the answer to -2 615 9 46 show the work?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals", etc.

What is 98 plus 98?

It might be possible to work this in your head. Your 98 is 100 minus 2. This means 98 plus 98 is 100 plus 100 minus 2 minus 2. That's 200 minus 4 which gives 196 as the answer.

What is 2005 minus 189?

It equals 1,861. This is how you do the work. 2,005 -189 _____ 1,861

What does (show work) 12 plus 15h -14h plus 4 equals?

The expression: 12+15h-14h+4 can be simplified to 16+h by combining like terms