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my approach.. go for the cubes which wont be on the top layer mean they wont be painted
3x9x14 mean for every side there are 2 layers exposed on opposite sides.
which means 1x7x12 = 84 cubes wont be painted.

now painted cubes = 378-84 => 294

i think m rite!!
o yeah!!!

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Q: A block of wood in the form of a cuboid 3 x 9 x 14 has all its six faces painted blue If the wooden block is cut into 378 cubes of 1 1 1 how many of these would have blue paint on them?
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The complete outside including the bottom of a wooden 4 inch cube is painted red The painted cube is then cut into 1 inch cubes How many of the 1 inch cubes do not have red paint on any face?


If you have a 10x10x10 cube made up of smaller cubes 1x1x1 cubes if you paint the outside cube how many cubes are not painted?

The entire outer layer is painted so an 8x8x8 block inside isn't painted. Zero. All cubes are painted on at least one side and the 10x10x10 cube is painted on all sides. It's a 10x10x10 cube meaning there are 1000 cubelets. Ones on the inside too. So 8x8x8 = 512.

If a 4inch cube is painted on all the sides If it is cut into 1 inch cubes how many cubes are not painted at all?

0 sides are not painted! So all the cubes have three faces painted!

How many cuboid can you make from 48 cubes?

24 of them

How many cubes are not painted at all if a cube is painted green all sides and cut into 64 cubes of equal size?

How many smaller cubes are not painted at all if a cube is painted green on all sides & cut into 64 cubes of equal size?

How can we write a conclusion for cubes cuboids and cylinders?

conclusion of cuboid

How many cubes each of side 3cm can be made by melting a cuboid whose dimensions are 21cm 27cm and 8cm?

no.of cubes made=volume of cuboid/volume of cube i.e, (21*27*8)/(3*3*3) = 4536/27 = 168 cubes

What is the surface area of six 1cm cubes stuck together?

It depends on whether they are stuck together so as to form a 1x1x6 cuboid or a 1x2x3 cuboid, or a 1x1x2 cuboid on top of a 1x2x2 cuboid. Each of these will give a different answer.

How many cubes that each side is 2cm can the cuboid be cut into length 16 width 4 height 8?

If the dimensions of the cuboid are also in cm then (16*4*8)/(2*2*2) = 64 cubes

How many cubes will have two sides black?

Coal cubes: 0. Sugar cubes: 0 Painted cubes: maybe some of them.

WhatThere are 27 small cubes arranged in a 3 by 3 by 3 cube The top and sided of the larger cube are painted red How many of the 27 small cubes have 0 faces painted 1 face 2 faces 3 faces 4 faces?

I am assuming that your question states that the top and sides are painted red but the bottom isn't. If so, the answer is:- There are no cubes with 4 faces painted, the most that can be painted is 3 for the ones on the corners. There are 4 corners at the top of the cube that will have their top and 2 sides painted. Therefore there are 4 cubes with 3 painted. The cubes at the corners on the second and third row down will have 2 faces painted, as will the middle cubes on the top row so there are 12 of them in this puzzle. The cube in the middle of each painted face will have just one face painted so this is 5 (assuming the bottom isn't painted). The cubes in the middle of the bottom row will also have one face painted. This brings the total to 9 That is the total of cubes that have paint on them... 4+12+9 = 25 There are 27 cubes in your puzzle so only 2 have no painted faces. The cube right in the middle and the cube in the middle of the bottom layer.

What type of cuboid could you make from 192 cubes?

There are 12 different cuboids which are possible.