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175 miles on 7 gallons implies 175/7 = 25 miles per gallon.

So with 15 gallons it will go 15*25 = 375 miles.

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Q: A car can go 175 miles on 7 gallons of gas How far can it go with 15 gallons of gas?
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A car can go 175 miles on 12 gallons of gas How far can it go with 18 gallons of gas?

175 miles= 12 gallons therefore 43.75 miles=3 gallons multiply that by 6 262.5 miles= 18 gallons answer is 262.5

If a car can travel 108 miles on 12 gallons of gas how far will the car travel on 18 gallons of gas?

It will be able to travel 162 miles...

A car can travel 180 miles on 15 gallons of gas. At that rate how far could the car travel on 25 gallons of gas?

the awnser is 425 miles on 25 gallons.

If a car drive 378 miles on 14 gallons how many miles can a car drive on 1 gallon?

Jace's car used 14 gallons to travel 378 miles. How far can he travel on 13 gallons?

How far can a car drive in five hours at 35 MPH?

5 hr x 35 miles/hr = 175 miles

Caroline’s car used 16 gallons to travel 544 miles. How far can she travel on 9 gallons?

over 6 feet

How far is Hiroshima from Osaka?

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A car goes 300 miles on 12 gallons of gas. At this rate how far would the car travel on 6 gallons of gas?

This is pretty simple really:6 gallons is half of 12 gallons, so they can travel half as far.Therefore, 300 / 2 = 150 miles.

The curtises' car traveled an average of 24 miles per gallon of gas at that rate how far could the car travel on a full tank of 18 gallons?

400 gallons

How many miles can a Corvette go in 7 gallons?

This will depend on the size of the engine and how much gas it consumes per gallon. Being it is a Corvette and the engine is a V8... not far. If you get 25 miles per gallon could travel 175 miles on 7 gallons.

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