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Assuming it was going at the same rate, then the answer is 1250 days.

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Q: A car travels 625 km in 12 days how many in 24 days?
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How far the car travels in 120 miles in 27 days?

1000000000000 gases of petrol

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A car travels 692km in 12 days At this rate How far would it travel in 24 days?

it would travel 1,384km in 24 days

How many hours would it take to drive 625 miles in a car driving at the speed of 70 mph?

just under nine 625 + 5 = 630 = 70 x 9 625 / 70 = 8.928571428571429

How many miles from Plattsburgh NY to Wyano PA?

About 625 miles (10½ hours by car)

How far does a car travel in 8 days if it travels 210 miles in 5 days at the same rate?

If it travels 210 miles in 5 days it travels 210 divided by 5 miles in one day. 210 / 5 = 42 miles per day So in 8 days it goes 42 miles times 8 42 * 8 = 336 miles

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The faster car travels at 48 miles per hour The slower car travels at 36 miles per hour 48mph - 36mph = 12mph Therefore, the faster car travels 12 miles per hour faster than the slower car. Note that the question refers to the relative speeds of the cars and not the relative distances.

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