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Q: A clerk's weekly salary of 320 is increased to 360 The percent increase is?
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What is the percent increase if your salary went from 95 to 100 per week?

The salary increased by 5.2632%

A woman's weekly salary is increased from 350.00 to 380.00 what percent of increase?

The increase from 350.00 to 380.00 is about 8.571%

A clerk weekly salary of 3 2 0 320 is increased to 3 6 0 360 the percent increase is?

If you mean 320 to 360 then it is a 12.5% increase

What much is a 2.5 percent increase for salary?

To find the amount of the increase, multiply the salary by 0.025. To find the new salary, multiply the salary by 1.025

What percent increase in salary will result from 1200 to 1400?

16.6667% increase.

A woman weekly salary is increased from 350 to380 what is the percentage increase?

8.6% increase.

How do you calculate a 2.5 percent increase in salary?

Multiply your current salary by 1.025 times.

Nasir salary was reduced by 25 percent Percentage increase to be effected to bring the salary to the original level is?

100 reduced by 25% became 75.75 must be increased by [ 33 and 1/3 ]% in order to become 100.

If your annual salary increases from 36000 to 37620 what is the percent of increase?

The percentage of increase is 4.5%

What is the percent increase of a teacher's salary?

A percentage increase of one's salary is dependent upon their current salary at the time of the pay increase. Salaries for different professions differ from state to state and institution to institution.

How do you calculate a 10 percent increase in salary?

Multiply your present (old) salary by 1.10 . Presumably the increase is not in recognition of your performance as a math teacher.

What percent in salary is 12000 to 14000?

If you mean percentage increase then 16,6%