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Q: A pause in fighting that both sides agree to?
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What is a name for a ceasefire in which troops of both sides stop fighting?

And armistice or a truce or a ceasefire are all terms for when troops on both sides agree to stop fighting.

What is a ceasefire?

A ceasefire is a temporary stop to a war when both sides agree to suspend fighting. It is a signal or an order to stop fighting.

What do both sides agree upon regarding same-sex marriage?

Both sides agree that no religion should be forced to marry same-sex couples. Both sides agree that marriage requirements should be left up to the individual states.

In which World War did fighting stop in the trenches and both fighting sides play football?

It was during World War 1 that fighting stopped in the trenches and both fighting sides played football. It was called the Christmas Truce and took place in 1914.

What is a sentence of this word truce?

During Wartime the word "truce" means that parties on both sides agree to stop fighting for a certain period of time. Both sides must agree to the suspension of hostilities for a truce to happen.

A process of resolving conflict in which both sides agree to accept the decision of a third party?


How does the civil war show good citizenship?

Both sides felt they were fighting for the better of their countries. They were fighting for what they felt was right. Therefore, they were loyal.

Difference between exchange and transaction?

An exchange is when both sides agree on a swap sort of thing, both sides benefit from the switch. A transaction is goods going from one person to the other.

People on both sides thought the fighting would not last more than?

six months

What did it mean to England when they won war of roses?

Both sides fighting the Wars of the Roses were English.

People on both sides thought the fighting would not last more than _______.?

six months

What could the north and the south have done to prevent the war?

figure a way to for both sides to agree about slavery