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Q: A piece of timber has been cut into two lengths in the ratio of 7 to 2 if the original piece of timber was 828 cm longhow long is the larger of the cut lengths?
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What is the Lineal price of timber from cubic meter?

The answer depends on the cross-sectional area of the timber.

What is the unit volume of timber?

Cubic metres.

Is 'dry as that timber is' a metaphor?

No it's not. It's a simile.

How much does 1 cubic tonne of sand weight?

1 ton, but I don't know whether that's a short ton or a long ton. A cubic ton is a measurement of volume (i.e. how much space it takes up). A cubic ton of sand is how much space a ton of sand takes up. A cubic ton of timber is how much space a ton of timber takes up, and as timber is lighter than sand, a cubic ton of timber is larger than a cubic ton of sand, even though they both weigh the same. As for the volume of a cubic ton of sand, I have no idea. You could get a rough answer this way: "m" divided by "d" where m =one ton in whatever units you are using (e.g. kg) and d = density of sand (in the same units)

What is a Timber Schedule used for when building a house?

A timber schedule could be a structural timber schedule that is a list of major beams and columns (or posts). This could be a list of structural components that are not typical dimensional lumber.Alternatively, a timber schedule could be a list of all timber materials, including structural, lining and cladding timber.The exact contents of the schedule will depend on the puprpse for which it is being drawn up. One used for quantity surveying for the costs of the entire project might have all elements included, whereas one for the main contractor might exclude items for which they are not responsible, such as joinery.

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If A piece of timber has been cut in to two lengths in ratio of 7 to 2 original piece was 828cm how long is the larger piece?

7/9 +2/9 = 828cm.828/9 = 92cm.The larger piece = 7 x 92cm = 644cm.And the other piece = 2 x 92cm = 184cm.

What is a timber pond?

A timber pond was basically an artificial pond of water for storing cut lengths of timber to prevent them becoming seasoned. Mainly used in ship building.

How do you think the understory plants compete with larger timber trees?

because they can

Why are pianos made of timber?

The original answer here was nonsense, pianos aren't only made of timber, most grand pianos are made of timber because it's a strong, and solid wood.

How much timber would be left if eleven 1.75 metre lengths are cut from a 22 metre piece of timber?

11 x 1.75 = 19.25 Theoretically, you would have 2.75 meters left. In reality, you lose a little bit of timber to sawdust every time you make a cut.

How long are timber wolves?

Timber wolves' size depends on the gender of the wolf. The female wolf is generally larger, and MUCH more aggressive than the male.

Are the timber rattlesnake and eastern diamondback rattlesnake found in the same areas?

The eastern diamondback is larger than the timber rattlesnake, and they would probably ignore each other in the wild.

Which original colonies had thick woods and excellent timber and coastal waters?

New England Colonies

What is a micro lam beam?

Microlam (or glulam) is an engineered timber product that is made from layers or wood held together with adhesives. The end product is generally made into lengths or beams that are stronger and less prone to warping and twisting than standard timber products.

How much timber would be left if eleven 1.75-m lengths are cut from a 22-m piece of timber?


How to get a hardwood?

Most larger timber merchants stock a range of hardwoods. The number of harwoods is enormous, and no merchant can stock them all.

Why is Canada a leading producer of timber?

The larger tress from British Columbia are more valuable for lumber production.