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The name of a regular polygon with five equal sides and five equal angles is a pentagon. Each of the internal angles is equal to 108 degrees.

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Q: A polgon with 5 equal sides and angles?
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Is there pentagon with equal angles and equal sides?

Yes, a regular pentagon has 5 equal sides and 5 equal angles.

What is the name of a polygon with 5 equal sides and 5 equal angles?

If those are the only sides and angles it has, then it's a regular pentagon.

You are a polygon with 5 equal sides and 5 equal angles what shpe are you?

A pentagon

What are the properties of a pentagon?

It has 5 sides. The sides are not equal. It does not have right angles.

Should a pentagon have to have equal sides?

Pentagons don't have to have equal sides. The definition of a pentagon is simply a polygon with 5 sides and 5 interior angles. This means that as long as some shape has 5 sides and 5 interior angles (not necessarily all equal), then it is a pentagon.

What has 5 sides of equal length?

A regular pentagon. A regular pentagon has five sides of equal length and its five angles are also equal. The term regular implies the notion of equal sides and equal angles.

What shape has 5 equal sides and 5 identical angles?


What is the name of the polygon that has 5 equal sides and 5 equal angles that have the same measure?


Are regular pentagons similar?

Yes, because they will have 5 equal sides and 5 equal angles

A polygon that has equal sides and equal angles?

it is a shape that has more than 5 sides the answer can be a hexagon pentagon octagon ect.

What shape has no parallel sides are equal in length angles are equal and has 5 lines of symmetry?


How many perpendicular sides in a pentagon?

count the corners! Penta=5, five sides=5 angles, five angles equal 5 intersections. Some of these may be perpendicular, but not necessarily.

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