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Cluster Sampling

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Q: A pollster uses a computer to generate 500 random numbers then interviews the voters corresponding to those numbers?
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When was Michael Adams - pollster - born?

Michael Adams - pollster - was born on 1946-##-09.

What is another name for election analysts?


Does the question posed by the pollster meet the standards for a good questionwhy or why not?


Why must pollster carefully create the questions they ask?

pollsters must carefully create the questions they ask because the pollster measures the president's popularity or public attitudes toward a White House proposal, such as a possible tax increase.

What is poly wool?

the mixture of pollster and wool is called poly wool

Who is responsible for the overall strategy and planning of a campaign?

a. coordinator B. fundraiser C. pollster D. manager

Which is correct spelling poliester or polister?

I think you mean either a fabric: polyester; or a person who asks questions: pollster.

Who is roper the pollster?

Elmo Roper born July 31, 1900, Hebron, Neb., U.S.died April 30, 1971, West Reading, Pa American pollster, the first to develop the scientific poll for political forecasting. Three times he predicted the reelection of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1936, 1940, 1944.

What method of data collection would you use to collect data for a study where a political pollster wishes to determine if his candidate is leading in the polls?

A common method for collecting data for political polls is through telephone surveys. This method allows pollsters to quickly and efficiently reach a large number of participants to gauge the public's opinion on political candidates. Other methods could include online surveys, face-to-face interviews, or using a combination of these methods to ensure a representative sample.

What actors and actresses appeared in Our Brand Is Crisis - 2005?

The cast of Our Brand Is Crisis - 2005 includes: James Carville as Himself - GCS Strategist Stanley Greenberg as Himself (GCS Pollster) Evo Morales as Himself (Opposing Candidate) Henry Oporto as himself Manfred Reyes Villa as Himself (Opposing Candidate) Jeremy Rosner as Himself - GCS Pollster and Chief Strategist Robert Shrum as Himself - GCS partner Tal Silberstein as Himself (GCS Management Consultant) Amy Webber as Herself (GCS Associate)

What movie and television projects has Ella Cannon been in?

Ella Cannon has: Played Anne Woodward-Bernstein in "The Bazura Project" in 2006. Played Engaging Pollster in "Election 2007: Countdown to a Letdown" in 2007. Played Ally in "How I Wish" in 2013. Played Emily in "Prosopagnosia" in 2013. Played Tracy in "Minimum Way" in 2014.

Why did the pollster's incorrectly project the winner of the election of 1948?

Pollsters make their predictions by taking polls- asking people whom they intend to vote for. They poll only a relatively small sample of the voting public. When they are wrong it means that people changed their minds after they were polled or that the sample used to take the poll did not accurately reflect the voters overall.