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Platonic solids.

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Q: A polyhedron whose faces are identical regular polygons?
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What do you call a polyhedron with faces that are all congruent regular polygons?

Its a platonic solid :)

Is a sphere a polyhedron?

No, a sphere is not a polyhedron.A polyhedron is a three-dimensional geometric figure whose sides are polygons.A regular polyhedron is a polyhedron whose faces are all congruent regular polygons.

The edge of a polyhedron are the polygons which bound the polyhedron?

No, they are the faces of the polyhedron.

What polygons that form a polyhedron are called?

They are the faces of the polyhedron.

What is meant by the word face in terms of platonic solid?

A platonic solid is a special kind of polyhedron. A polyhedron is a 3-D figure whose faces are polygons.In a platonic solid all faces are identical regular polygons. A polyhedron has faces, edges, and vertices. The numbers of each are related by Euler's formula, V+F=E+2

What is a polyhedron that has two congruent faces?

Any regular polygon has two congruent faces. Many polygons have two or more congruent faces.

Is a truncated isocahedron a regular polyhedron?

No. It is a semi-regular polyhedron. Explanation. The truncated icosahedron is a polyhedron that can be constructed from an icosahedron with the 12 vertices truncated (cut off) such that one third of each edge is cut off at each of both ends. This creates 12 new pentagon faces, and leaves the original 20 triangle faces as regular hexagons A regular polyhedron is a polyhedron whose faces are congruent regular polygons. The truncated icosahedron is NOT a regular polyhedron, it is a semiregular polyhedron. It is a uniform polyhedron.

Are the faces of a polyhedron all flat surfaces?

Yes and its flat surface faces are in regular shapes.

What is the shape that has the highest amount of faces?

Since you use the term "faces" of a shape, you may be referring to polyhedra,which are three dimensional solids. There is no maximum number of faces a polyhedron can have. But for regular polyhedra (a special case where all faces are congruent regular polygons), the regular polyhedron with the most faces is the icosahedron, which has 20 faces, each of them an equilateral triangle. The most familiar regular polyhedron is the cube which has six square faces.

What is a solid figure with faces that are polygons?

A polyhedron.

What the polygons that form a polyhedron are called?

They are its faces.

Which term describes the faces of the polyhedron?