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5 letters: HOUTO are vertically symmetrice. 2 (S and N) are not.

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Q: A ratio that shows the number of letters in the word below that have a vertical line of symmetry HOUSTON?
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Does the number eight have a vertical line of symmetry?

yes the number 8 has a vertical line of symmetry. and depending on how you draw it also a horizontal line of symmetry.

How many lines of symmetry are there in number (8)?

It has one vertical line of symmetry

What is the smallest 3 digit number with vertical symmetry?


How many lines of symmetry does an 8 have?

The number 8 has only 2 lines of symmetry; Vertical and Horizontal.

Is the number 0 symmetrical?

Yes. It has two lines of symmetry - horizontal and vertical. It also has rotational symmetry.

Which number hasa vertical line of symmetry?

8 and also 0 (:

Is 6 symmetrical?

no ****************** Draw a vertical line through the centre of the number 6. As both sides are not identical, then there is no symmetry. Do the same with a capital H, and there is symmetry, as both sides of the vertical line are identical.

What is the largest three digit number that has both vertical and horizontal symmetry?


What is a 3 digit number with horizontal and vertical symmetry?


What 10 letters have only one line of symmetry?

The following words have a bilateral symmetry.C or cHI or iKMO or oT or tUV or vW or wX or xY7 of the letters above have lower case letters that are also bilateral. They are c, i, o, t, v, w, and x. Although the letter "t" doesn't look bilateral, it usually is in printed handwriting.

How many lines of symmetry does digit 8 have?

The digit 8 has two lines of symmetry, vertical and horizontal. The number is symmetrical from top to bottom and from left to right.

Which letters have 2 lines of symmetry?

O and X And H and I (Note "O" has many, actually an infinite number of, lines of symmetry)