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there are 3 feet in a yard so 120 feet equals 40 yards.

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Q: A roll of ribbon 120 feet is how many yards?
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If You use twenty seven inches of ribbon off of a roll of ribbon containing 2 yards How many inches of ribbon are left on the roll?


Laura has a roll of ribbon there are 20 yards of the ribbon on the roll what can Laura use to find the number of inches of ribbon on the roll?

36 inches x 20 yards = 720 inches.

How many square feet in a roll 24 inches by 50 yards?

300 square feet.

What unit would you use to measure the length of a piece of ribbon?

You would most likely measure a ribbon in inches for a small project. If you are talking about longer pieces, such as the amount on a roll, you could measure in feet or yards.

How many square feet are in a roll 20 linear yards long and 54 inches wide?

270 square feet.

How do I convert square feet of carpet to yards. I need 40 yards but the roll says it is 1800 Square Feet of Tan Berber Carpet 12' x 150' - what is the formula to convert so I know how many yards?

There are 9 square ft in a square yard. So if you have 1800 square feet of carpet on this roll you only need to divide it by 9. So, the roll of carpet you are looking at is 200 yards.

What would a roll of material 62.5 inches wide by 4150 feet be in square yards?

2 196.04167 yards

Jane bought 1 roll of thead that was 1278 feet long how many yards of thread did she buy?

i think the answer is 426yards

How many yards of fabric are in a roll of fabric that is 54 inches wide by 8 feet long?

1 1/2 yards x 2 2/3 yards If a pattern calls for a certain yardage, it is referring to the width, so if you need 2 2/3 yards, this roll will suffice. A standard roll width is 45", so you will have a bit extra.

24 x 50 Yards equals how many sq ft per roll?

I need to convert 24 Inches Wide by 50 Yards to Square Feet Each

How many yards of felt are in 11 rolls if each roll has 56 yards of felt?

616 yards

A costomer asks for 33 feet of dress material how many yards would you give her?

in theory 11 yards. However material was always made in lengths of 9 yards, so she may just get the whole roll.

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