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You should check whether you can simplify the answer.

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Q: After you add or subtract two rational expressions its a good idea to see if you can your answer?
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After you add or subtract two rational expressions it's a good idea to see if you can your answer?


Why is estimating before you subtract a good idea?

i think it is a good idea because it gets you more closer to getting the exact number

What do you get when you subtract 9 by b?

I got no idea

How you use the word rational in a sentence?

The answer seemed to be that it was the logic of enlightenment rationalism itself that gave rise to such barbarism.

Who created rational numbers?

The person who created rational was Andrew Willlord. he was one topmathematicien in UK. He came up with the idea in 1926.

Can you copyright your business idea?

No; copyright protects specific expressions of ideas, not the ideas themselves.

What is an expression for the words no idea?

Common expressions include "beats me" or "I'm stumped" or clueless.

What is an access tool that helps you create complex expressions?

I have no idea i'm looking for the answer too.

I had 150 and spent 20 of it how much have i left?

The idea is to subtract what you had, minus what you spent.

How much more is 48 than 30?

The idea is to subtract 48 - 30.

Give you brief idea about mechatronics?

This question is neither a question, nor rational.

Why is 0.50550555 not a rational number?

If the idea is to continue repeating the same pattern, then it is not a rational number, because a rational number will repeat the same digits over and over again - for example, 0.505050505... or 0.550550550550550... If there is such a repetition, it is rational; otherwise not.