Algebra n y

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Algebra NY stands for a New York Algebra curriculum.

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Q: Algebra n y
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What is n worth in maths?

Ah ha! In algebra, a letter stands for an unknown value! Some of the most common letters used in algebra are: x, y, n, and p. Some might say 'n' is an uNknown number! haha

What are algebra words for x y and z?

In algebra we consider x,y and z are variables.

What is x plus y in algebra?


What makes algebra differ from other branches of mathematics?

Algebra is about equations, subsitution and simplyifing things. Its known for its use in letters. For e.g. If n = 1 x = 5 y= 10 what is (n+y)x = 50 2(4x+y) = 8x + 2y Whats x if 2x + 4 = 3x +3 x = 1 However fractions and graphs may pop up in algerbra for e.g. y= 2x + 4 (<------ equation of line) Hope this helps!

How do you find the value of y in algebra?

You solve an equation containing y.

What is a math word that starts with the letter Y?

YardWell, you get y from Algebra

What is algebra y-40?

It is an expression for 40 fewer than y.

What Variable in algebra?

A variable in algebra is an unknown quantity as for example in the term 5y the variable is y

What is 5 times y?

5 times y is the same as 5y in algebra

What is y decreased by ten?

The expression is: 2y -20

What does y mean in algebra?

y axis ___________________________________ The letters X, Y and Z often refer to unknown or "variable" quantities, and the purpose of solving the algebra problem is to determine the precise value of these variables.

What does the equation y x -x a?

The answer to the equation y x - x a would be x(y-1). When letters are used in a math expression, this is a form of math called Pre-Algebra or Algebra.