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Yes they are

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Q: Are 2 squares with the same perimeter congruent?
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If 2 squares have the same side lengths are the 2 squares necessarily congruent?


Can 2 different size squares have the same perimeter?


Are 2 squares always congruent?

No. Most squares probably are not congruent. Although they are similar.

What 2 shapes have congruent sides?

Squares and Rhombuses

What is the perimeter of a parallelogram with sides of 2 and 3?

Since the opposite sides are congruent: perimeter = 2(2) + 2(3) = 10

Which quadrilateral has 4 congruent angeles and 2 pairs of congruent sides?

Every rectangle has. (That includes squares.)

Can you draw 2 squares of different sizes so that each has a perimeter of 16 inches explain?

No, because even through they have the same perimeter you must show how you can get 16 as the perimeter in two different ways.

Has 2 pairs of congruent sides and 2 pairs of parrallel sides?

rhombuses and squares

Do 2 different sized squares be conqruent?

Yes, every square is congruent

Is it possible for a shape to have the same area but different perimeter?

Answer: Yes. A polygon can have the same perimeter length but smaller area than another polygon. Answer: For congruent or similar shapes, no. For different shapes, yes. Consider, for example, a rectangle 3 x 1, and another rectangle 2 x 2. They have different areas, but the same perimeter.

Is all squares can be cut in half to make 2 congruent triangles a generalization?

no its an emphatic statement all squares can be cut in half to make 2 congruent isosceles right triangles is perhaps as general a statement as is possible

Can 2 circles be congruent?

2 circles can be congruent. The have to have the same radius.

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