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No the Ratio of a mixture are not exact, one mixture might have more substance than the other but it is still a mixture.

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Q: Are Ratio of parts of a mixture are exact?
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Is 2 parts gypsum powder to 1 part water a ratio mixture?

yes. a ratio of two to one.

What does mean lean mixture or rich mixture?

The ideal fuel/air mixture or ratio for most internal combustion gasoline engines is 14.7 to 1. Meaning 14.7 parts air to one part gasoline. Any ratio below this is considered a rich mixture or too much fuel. Any ratio above this is considered a lean mixture or too much air.

What is the mixing ratio for paul mitchell syncrolift?

2 scoops to 50cc which is almost equal parts but not exact.

Is it 2 parts gypsum powder to 1 part water ratio mixture?

That depends what "it" is - what exactly you want to achieve.

Is metal alloys a mixture?

An alloy is a mixture of Metals. A mixture is a combination of elements in an unfixed ratio. A compound is a mixture of elements in a fixed ratio.

Fuel mixture ratio for Yamaha rt100?

Fuel mixture ratio for Yamaha rt100?

What is a hetrogeneus solution?

there is no such thing as a heterogeneous solution because a solution is a HOMOgeneous mixture, where there is a uniform appearance, the exact opposite of a HETEROgeneous mixture where the mixture does NOT have a uniform apearance (you can see different parts in the mixture, e.g. oil and water)

What is 30 parts of water?

30 parts of water typically refers to a ratio or proportion where there are 30 equal parts of water compared to another substance or total mixture. This ratio is often used in dilution calculations or recipes to indicate a specific concentration of water in the final solution.

What is gasoil mixture for 1985 4.5 hp 2-stroke outboard motor?

50:1 ratio 50 parts fuel 1 part oil 50:1 ratio 50 parts fuel 1 part oil

How is the ratio of components in a mixture different from the ratio of element in a compound?

The ratio in mixtures can be varied, within reason, with little impact on the properties of the mixture. The ratio in compounds is fixed.

Formula of concrete ratio 1.2.4?

Formula of concrete ratio 1:2:4 means 1 part of cement, 2 parts of fine aggregate(sand) and 3 parts of coarse aggregate(gravel). Other examples of command concrete mixture ratio are 1:3:6 , 1:1.5:3 and 1:4:8. Water use in concrete mixture is based on water/cement ratio, for example 0.5 or 0.6.

What does it mean by mix ratio?

Mix ratio refers to the proportion of different components or ingredients that are combined to create a mixture. It specifies the ratio or proportion by weight, volume, or some other unit of measurement. For example, a mix ratio of 2:1 means that there are two parts of one component and one part of another component in the mixture.