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No because a kite has 2 pairs of equal sides but it is not a parallelogram

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Q: Are all 4 sided polygons with 2 pairs of equal sides parallelograms?
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What is a four-sided polygon with two pairs of parallel sides and two pairs of congruent sides?

any parallelogram because parallelograms are polygons with four sides.

Is a hexagaon a parallelogram?

Parallelograms are quadrilaterals that have two pairs of parallel lines. Hexagons are six sided polygons, and therefore the two are not the same.

What polygons are parallelograms?

Every 4-sided polygon in which the opposite sides are parallel is a parallelogram. Opposite sides are equal too, but it's not necessary to make that an explicit requirement, because if both pairs of opposite sides are parallel, then they also wind up being equal.

What are all parallelograms?

Parallelograms are a special form of quadrilaterals (four sided polygons). Parallelograms have 2 sets of parallel sides. So you could say that all parallelograms are quadrilaterals. Or you could say that all parallelograms are polygons. I'm not sure what you are asking.

What are rectangles and squares classified as?

They are polygons (shapes), and more specifically, They are quadrilaterals (4-sided shapes), and They are parallelograms (having 2 pairs of parallel sides). *A square may be classified as a rectangle, but ordinarily a rectangle is defined as having 4 angles of equal size, and 2 pairs of sides of equal length. A square is an equilateral parallelogram.

What are the four four-sided objects in geometry?

4-sided polygons include the square, rectangle, and rhombus (all parallelograms), and the trapezoid.*A fifth type is a concave or convex quadrilateral with no equal or parallel sides.

What is a 8 sided parallelogram?

Parallelograms have only four sides. Polygons with eight sides are octagons.

What are the parralelagram shapes?

Parallelograms are 4 sided shapes that belong to the class of polygons known as quadrilaterals

Are all hexagon parallelograms?

No because a parallelogram is a 4 sided polygon whereas an hexagon is a 6 sided polygon.

What are polygons give example of polygons?

a polygon is a a shape with equal sided shape

Do parallelograms have four equal sides?

No but they are 4 sided quadrilaterals.

A square and a rectangle are examples of you?

Potential answers: shapes, polygons, quadrilaterals [four-sided polygons], parallelograms [quadrilaterals with opposite sides of the same length and parallel to each other].