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Yes because a decimeter is 10 cm whereas a meter is 100 cm

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No, decimeters are smaller than meters. There are 10 decimeters in 1 meter.

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Q: Are decimeters greater than meters
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Is 1800 decimeters less than 10 meters?

No, 1800 decimeters is greater than 10 meters. 1800 decimeters is the same as 180 meters.

Is 28 decimeters greater than 3 meters?

28 decimeter is not greater than 3 meters. Because 28 decimeters=2.8 meters, and 2.8 meters is less than 3 meters.

Is decimeter greater than meters?

yes decimeters are indeed bigger or as you might say greater than meters example: 9 decimeters= _ meters 9 times 10 = 90

Is 200 decimeters greater than 2 meters?


Is 4 meters or 400 decimeters greater?

400 decimeters = 40 meters. So, decimetres are greater.

What is greater 300 meters or 3000 decimeters?

300 meters = 3,000 decimeters

Is 20 decimeters greater than 2 meters?

Not really. It takes 20 decimeters to equal 2 meters. So therefore, they are the same length.

Is 4 meters less than equal to or greater than 400 decimeters?

less than

Which is bigger millimeters centimeters decimeters meters?

Meters are greater.

Which is greater 3000 decimeters or 3 meters?

3000dm is bigger

Is 4 m greater than 400 dm?

With 10 decimeters to a meter, 4 meters is 40 decimeters, which is a lot less than 400 decimeters.

Which is greater 400 decimeters or 1 meter?

400 decimeters is greater than 1 meter