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  1. Which one of the following is true about statistics?

A) Inferential statistics deals with collecting, summarizing, and simplifying data about given population

B) Descriptive statistics is also known as inductive statistics

C) Descriptive statistics goes beyond describing a given problem situation by means of collecting, summarizing and meaningfully presenting the related data

D) Descriptive statistics is one which describes the population. On the other hand, inferential statistics issued to make the generalization about the population based on the samples.

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Yes. Descriptive statistics are methods of organizing, summarizing, and presenting data in an informative way. Inferential Statistics

(also called statistical inference) the methods used to estimate a property of a population on the basis of a sample.

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Q: Are inferential statistics different from descriptive statistics?
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What are descriptive statistics and inferential statistics?

Descriptive statistics is a summary of data. Inferential statistics try to reach conclusion that extend beyond the immediate data alone.

What are the catagories of statistics?

Descriptive and inferential

What are the two kinds of statistics?

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

What are different fields of statistics?

The two main forms of statistics are qualitative (descriptive) statistics and quantitative (inferential or inductive) statistics.

Types of statistics?

There are two types of statistics. One is called descriptive statistics and the other is inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics is when you use numbers. Inferential statistics is when you draw conclusions or make predictions.

Compare and contrast descriptive statistics and inferential statistics?

Descriptive statistics are meant to describe the situation such as the average or the range. Inferential statistics is used to differentiate between a couple of groups.

Difference of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics?

Descriptive statistics label, name, or give information about a variable. Inferential stats are inferred from a smaller data set to be valid for the whole population.

What are the different divisions of statistics?

Parametric and non-parametric statistics.Another division is descriptive and inferential statistics.Descriptive and Inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics describes a population (e.g. mean, median, variance, standard deviation, percentages). Inferential infers some information about a population (e.g. hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, ANOVA).

Descriptive Statistics vs Inferential Statistics?

Descriptive is when a few represent the whole population. Inferential infer the nature of a lager usually infinite set of data that we don't have.

Can you employ inferential statistics in descriptive research?


What are the two main categories of statistics?

descriptive and inferential

What are the main branches of statistics?

The two main branches of statistics is Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.