Are mothers greater than fathers

Updated: 9/22/2023
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mothers are greater than fathers because mother s are the one who gave birth to us and they all was cooks for us and more.

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Q: Are mothers greater than fathers
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Why are mothers more accessible than fathers?

What do you mean by 'accessible'

What is the Swedish word for step grandmother?

If it is your mothers mother than its "Plastmormor", or "låtsasmormor", if its your fathers mother, than its "Plastfarmor", or "låtsasfarmor".

Do children need their mothers more than fathers?

No, they don't. They need stable, attentive decent parents. Gender is not a factor. Especially since, statistically, Mothers are more prone to abuse their children than fathers are.

How did your feel about your baby?

Maternal for mothers. Paternal for fathers. Generally, mothers and fathers are quite protective of their babies.

Can mothers be more strict than fathers?

Sometimes, yes. It depends on upbringing and individual personality.

What family members your is fathers mothers daughters sons sisters?

What family members your is fathers mothers daughters sons sisters

Are mothers better than fathers if yes give reasons?

Mothers can breast feed, and in most cultures are the primary care givers for the early developmental years.

When do you use mothers in a sentence?

"Mothers" is used in a sentence when referring to more than one mother. For example: "The mothers of the students volunteered to chaperone the field trip."

Descent traced through mothers rather than fathers?

The descent traced through the mothers in a family tree is known as matrilineal. This usually happens in Africa.

Who are the wifes of the founding fathers?

The founding mothers.

What is your fathers mothers cousin to you?

Your great cousins

Do lions and tigers have mothers and fathers?

yes they do