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Q: Are squares and rhombuses a special kind of rectangle?
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Are rhombuses special parallelogram?

Yes. A parallelogram has two pairs of equal sides, but in a rhombus all the sides are equal.(similar situation: a square is a special kind of rectangle)

Is a square the same as a rectangle?

Of course!=======================Honk ! The buzzer is bothered by the first answer above.A square is a special kind of rectangle.All squares are rectangles, but all rectangles are not squares.

Are diagonals always congruent?

In a quadrilateral, the diagonals are only congruent for rectangles (or squares, which is a special kind of rectangle). Note: they are not congruent for a Rhombus.

Is there a rectangle that is not a square what kind?

Most rectangles are not squares.

A square is a kind of rhombus How can this be?

A square is a special type of rhombus. It has the properties of a rhombus, such as all sides being equal, but it has the extra property of having interior angles of 90°. Squares and rhombuses are special types of parallelograms too. And they are all special types of quadrilaterals.

What kind of polygon has 2 pairs of equal sides but is not a parallelogram?

A kite or a trapezoid.(Rectangles, rhombuses, and squares AREparallelograms.)

Are all parellelograms special kinds of squares?

No. But squares are a special kind of parallelogram.

Can a rectangle and a rhombus be the same?

Yes, but as a square. A square is a special kind of rectangle and also a special kind of rhombus.

A square is a special kind of?

A square is considered to be a special kind of rectangle.

Can a square be a rectangle but can a rectangle be a square?

Yes.A square is a special kind of rectangle, one with all sides of equal length. So all square are rectangles.All rectangles are not squares, some (most) have two sides longer than the other two.

Which name is given for 4 sided shapes?

Quadrilateral.Quadrilateral is the general term for any four sided shape. Types of quadrilaterals include kites, parallelograms and trapezoids (UK: trapezium). An iscoceles trapezoid is a kind of trapezoid. Kinds of parallelograms include rectangles and rhombuses. A square is a type of rectangle and a type of rhombus. Rhombuses, and by extension, squares, are also types of kites.

What are polyhedrons?

A polyhedron is a kind of rectangle. This category includes squares,circles,etc.