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greater than

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Q: Are the angles in a pentagon greater or less than a right angle?
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How many angles are larger than a right angle on a pentagon?

Each interior angle of a regular pentagon is 108 degrees ie all five of them are larger than a right angle. If the pentagon is convex, at least four of the angles must be greater than 90 degrees.

How many angles does a right angles and angles does a pentagon have?

a pentagon has 5 angles. In a regular pentagon, there are no right angles. Each angle is 72 degrees. In a irregular pentagon, there may be right angles...not sure how many..depends on how you draw it

How many right angle does a regular pentagon have?

A regular pentagon has no right angles. An irregular pentagon could have no more than two right angles

Has a irregular pentagon have right angles?

An irregular pentagon may have one right (90o) angle.

How can you show a pentagon with no right angle?

If you wan't to show that a pentagon has no right angles, then don't put any right angle signs in the figure.

What shape has Five sides and one right angle?

Five side is always a pentagon, but there's no pentagon that always has exactly one right angle. A regular pentagon has no right angles. An irregular pentagon can have one, two, or three right angles, or none.

Are the angles of a pentagon all the same?

No there are different angle such as right angles, obtuse angles, and acute angles.

What shape has 2 right angles 2 obtuse angles and 1 acute angle?

Because it has five angles it is a irregular pentagon.

How many angles less thsn a right angle does a pentagono?

The square has four right angles. The pentagon has two right angles.

Which angles of the parallelogram are greater than a right angle?

One pair of opposite angle is greater than a right angle.

How many right angle a pentagon have?

A pentagon has 5 sides.A regular pentagon has no right angles (5 interior angles each 108 degrees).An irregular pentagon can have at most 3 right angles, because a 4th would leave 180 degrees to be used for the final angle (540-360), which is a straight line.

How many angles less than a right angle does a pentagon have?

It can have up to 3 such angles.

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