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No. All corresponding sides and angles have to be congruent for the triangles to be congruent.

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Q: Are two triangles are congruent if they have the same base?
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If two triangles are congruent which of the triangles are congruent?

If they both have 3 sides the same and 3 angles the same then they are said to be congruent.

If two triangles have the same side lengths then the triangles are?

They are congruent.

How would you prove triangles are congruent?

You could prove two triangles are congruent by measuring each side of both triangles, and all three angles of each triangle. If the lengths of the sides are the same, and so are the angles, then the triangles are congruent... if not, then the triangles are not congruent. If the triangles have the exact same size and shape then they are congruent.

When are two isosceles triangles congruent?

the triangles will have the same side length

Two triangles that have the same angles?

The triangles are similar, but not necessarily congruent.

What are two congruent triangles?

They are two triangles whose corresponding sides and angles are the same.

Are two triangles congruent if they have same area?

Not necessarily. You find the area of a triangle with the formula 1/2*base*height=Area. Imagine two triangles, one with 3 inches for both the base and height, and one with 4.5 inches for the height and 2 inches for the base. Both of these triangles will have 9 sq. in. for their areas, but they are not congruent.

What is congruences?

the strongest relationship a pair of triangles can have is congruence. two segments or two angles are congruent when they have the same measures. congruent triangles have exactly the same size and shape.

Can two triangles with 2 congruent angles and 1 congruent side congruent?

Yes, they are. IF the side is between the two angles in both triangles,and all three items flow in the same direction in both triangles.

If two triangles are congruent do they have the same area?

yes they have same area

Can a congruent triangle have 2 same sides?

congruent means equivalent. An equilateral triangle has 3 of the same sides, not two. Isosceles triangles can have 2 or 3 of the same length sides. Congruent isosceles triangles are impossible.I agree with most of the above answer but not the last sentence. It is possible to have congruent isosceles triangles. If the legs (sides) of triangle 1 are the same length as the legs of triangle 2, and the bases (third side) of the two triangles are the same length then the two isosceles triangles will be congruent.So the answer to the question is: yes, a congruent triangle can have two same length sides.

What conditions will ensure that two isosceles triangles are congruent?

The triangles have the same side lengths.