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Q: Are you underweight for your age if you are 13 5'0-5'1ft and 96-97lbs?
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Is a 5' 9 100 pound 13-year-old girl underweight?

Yes, you are obviously underweight.

What is underweight?

Underweight is if you arent the healthy weight for the height and age you are. Underweight is when you weigh less then your suppose to. Suppose these ages are right for how much you should weigh: Ages : 6-9, Height : 3"0 - 4"9, Healthy Weight : Age 6 - 40 to 61lbs - Age 7 - 65-77lbs - Age 8 - 77-86 - Age 9 - 86-89lbs . Ages : 10-14, Height : 4"9 - 5"4, Healthy Weight : Age 10 - 89-97lbs - Age 11 - 97-107lbs - Age 12 - 100-116lbs - Age 13 - 106-124lbs - Age 14 - 110-130lbs. sorry if i didnt give you the thing you were looking for but i only heard of children who dont know what underweight is.

Are you underweight if you are 13 years old and weigh 95 pounds?

That depends more on height than age, if you are the same height as other 13 year olds (let's say 5'7") than yes you are very underweight, but say you are a foot shorter than that...than 95 pounds would probably be a more acceptable weight.

What should my bmi be at the age of 13 with a height of 54' and the weight of 6 stone 3lbs. my bmi is 14 and i am wondering how underweight this is?

Your BMI would be 14.9, which is underweight. Anything less than 18 is considered underweight. To be in the "ideal" weight range for a height of 5'4'' or 164 cm would be about 120-130 lbs, or 54-59kg, or about 9 to 9.5 stone.

Im 13 5'4 and weigh 114 am i overweight?

No, you're underweight.

Your son is 13 and weighs 6.5 stones is he underweight?

im 24, and im 6.5 stones, but im 5ft4, and yes i would be consideered underweight. u cant just give his age and weight n expect some1 to know. u need to give the height as well.

Is a BMI of 13 unhealthy or underweight?

It depends on your height and weight, but that is likely to be somewhat underweight; unhealthy is a completely different story, and that depends entirely on your lifestyle.

I am 5' 13 and 128lbs is that overweight?

Definitely not! Nearer underweight than over

How much weight can you hold at 13?

when you are 12 to 13 years old your weight has to be from 48-52 if not you are either overweight or underweight.

Are you underweight if you are almost 13 5'5'' and 87 pounds?

Of coarse you are! no you are not underweight. It is ok to be this skinny when you are as tall as you are. Technically, yes, it is underweight. However, if this child is naturally that thin and is not dieting then I wouldn't be too worried. She'll probably pick up weight soon.

You are 13 years old and your weight is 110 you are 5ft2 are you skinny?

Sounds a little underweight to me. Eat something.

If you are 13 year old boy 5ft 1 inches 69 lb Are you underweight or fit?

helllll yeah