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The increase was 50%

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Q: At a club fundraiser a group of students washed 128 cars in one weekend The next weekend they washed 192 cars What was the percent increase in the number of cars washed?
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Hiking boots that cost 150 a pair are reduced by 40 percent for a special weekend sale By what percent must the special sales price be increased to bring the price back to 150?

cost = 150 X = 100% = 1.00 = original percent Y = 40% = 0.40 = percent reduced Z = sale percent Reduction formula based on the above variables X and Y: X - Y = Z Z = 0.6 This means the boots are on sale for 60% of their original price, or 90 a pair. To bring 90 up to 150, simply use the following formula based on these variables: A = raised price B = sale price C = percent the sales price is raised by to reach the raised price A/B = C 150/90 = 1.67 Or, to increase the sales price of 90 to the raised price of 150, you would need to sell the boots for 167% of the sales price. 100% of the sales price is 90, so the increase is 67%.

Hiking boots that cost 150 a pair are reduced by 40 for a special weekend sale By what percent must the special sales price be increased to bring the price back to 150?


How many weekend days are in a week?

There are two days in a weekend. Saturday and Sunday are the only days considered to be part of the weekend.

What are the 3 special days of the week?

For many people, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the special days of the week, because Saturday and Sunday are the weekend, when they have time off, and Friday is the day before the weekend, so in a sense, when they finish work (or school) on Friday, their weekend begins.

How man weekend s are in 365 days?

There are 52 weeks in a year. Assuming you let 1 weekend either way your answer is either 51 52 53.

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Jets will win this weekend or not?

There is a 50 percent chance that the Jets will win their game this weekend.

Do the number of DUI checkpoints increase on the Fourth of July weekend?

Increased parties and barbeques as well as weekend fourth of July celebrations put people in a more festive mood. This fact is why most states increase their DUI checkpoints on the fourth of July weekend.

Do most students go home on the weekend at penn state university?

no because most students move far away from home

About how many college students nationwide become victims of drunk driving accidents each weekend?


Which careers allow employees to have weekend breaks?

Technically, teachers and professors have off from teaching students on the weekends. However, although they have weekend breaks, they sometimes have meetings and grading. Besides teaching, not many careers are lenient enough to give weekend breaks.

Do alcohol sales increase during holidays?

Yes, alcohol sales do increase during holidays. Some of the holidays that show large jumps in alcohol sales are New Years Eve, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, and the 4th of July.

What day does the weekend start?

The weekend starts on Saturday and runs until Sunday. Friday is not considered the start of the weekend since most people have work that day and have off Saturday and Sunday, also students have school and the students have of Saturday and Sunday.

Tammys Diner donated 6 percent of their weekend profit to charity If the weekend profit of the Diner was 5268 how much money was donated to charity?

6/100 of 5268 = 316.08 of money

Do alcohol related traffic deaths increase on weekends?

Yes, especially on weekend nights and early mornings.

Is Saturday and Sunday weekend in Japan?

In many cases yes, though some schools do require students to come in on Saturdays.

Do children go to school on sunday in Saudi Arabia?

Yes.The Saudi weekend in Thursday and Friday. Students have school from Saturday to Wednesday.