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B/5 = 6 means that 6 x 5 = B

6 x 5 = 30

Therefore, B = 30

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Q: B divided 5 equals 6
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What is -35 divided by b when b equals 5?


What is b divided by 5 equals to 31?

b/5 = 31 Therefore, b = 31 x 5 b = 155

16 equals -6 plus B divided by -3?

B is -42

What is communtative property?

Commutative, not communtative The mathematical property of being able to change the order of the numbers and not change the answer. A plus B equals B plus A (1 plus 3 equals 4, 3 plus 1 equals 4) A times B equals B times A (2 times 5 equals 10, 5 times 2 equals 10) Addition and multiplication are commutative operators A minus B is not necessarily equal to B minus A (6 minus 4 equals 2, 4 minus 6 equals minus 2) A divided B is not necessarily equal to B divided A (9 divided by 3 equals 3, 3 divided by 9 equals one-third) Subtraction and division are not commutative operators

What is 30b divided by 6b?


Is the value of prime or composite if 3a plus 6b prime or composite when a equals 1 and b equals 5?

It would be composite because a=1 and b=5 so it would be 3+1+6+5=15, and 15 can be divided by 3 into 5.

What is 80 divided by b equals 20 for b equals 4?

80 divided by four equals 20.

What does b mean in b divided by a equals 5?

Depends on the digit that "A" represents. E.G. 15 = B and 3 = A 15 divided by 3 = 5 Can use any numbers that work for the equation.

If A equals 6 what does b equals?

6 === the what does B =

If a plus b plus c not equal to 0 then a divided by b plus c equals b divided by c plus a equals c divided by a plus b prove that a equals b equals c?

Because there is no way to define the divisors, the equations cannot be evaluated.

What is A divided by B B equals 88 A equals 50?

A/b = 50/88 = 0.5681818181

What is b times 2 equals b plus 6 b equals?

b = 6

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